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Content Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs: Article Writing

Content Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs: Article Writing

Although sites that offer video and image content are more popular these days than sites that offer written content, that does not mean that written content is not an effective way to market your business. Sites like Craigslist (a free classifieds site) have flourished despite being simple because they satisfy a need of those who use them.

The important thing to remember here is that your potential customers consume content in different ways. The best way to help your potential customers and show them how you can help them solve their problems is to create your content and then offer it in different formats depending on your audience.

Article writing can provide you with a solid foundation for creating this content. It only takes a good 400-500 word article to get your message across and make your audience want to learn more about what you do and how you can help them. Once you write that article, you can convert that content to other formats that will help your audience consume that content.

To get started, you need to decide what topic you are going to write about. Once you’ve chosen your topic, the next step is to do keyword research so that you can choose the keywords that your search engines are looking for. Focus on writing good content. Although including keywords in your title, article, and tags is important, you need to ensure that you offer content that is useful to your potential customers.

One way that makes it really easy to write articles, and you will find these articles quite popular, is to create lists. Readers love lists because lists are easy to read and implement. Suggestions are a fairly popular form of article listing because suggestions will help you show your readers how you can solve their problems without revealing all of your information.

Once you’ve written an article, you’ll want to sign up for several high-traffic article writing sites. Some of the best places to submit your articles include HubPages and EzineArticles. Personally, I like EzineArticles because they offer a lot to help you with article writing, including a blog, an article writing course, and an article publishing tool that will help you generate better article titles. You can also create a complete profile that will allow you to promote your books, as well as share your websites and demonstrate your expertise. Take advantage of profiles on the article sites you trade on as this helps you establish credibility.

When creating your profiles, be sure to use your real name. Include a photo and use all the space to write and publish your profile. The more information you include, the better your ability to show others what you can do and how you can solve their problems. Potential customers don’t come to you because they want to buy something. They come to you because they seek a solution to their problems. Provide a solution and you will make the sale.

To get the most out of your article writing efforts, recycle your content in different formats. Submit regularly to the different article directories to help you build an audience.

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