ClickBank Understanding: Can Someone Steal My Sales?

ClickBank Understanding: Can Someone Steal My Sales?

Want to make sure your ClickBank sales are credited to you and only you?

Have you been the victim of a ClickBank sale theft?

In your quest to fully understand ClickBank, are you aware that it is a simple task for a thief to claim your hard-earned commission?

There are rumors about the safety of their ClickBank affiliate links and as such I am often asked if someone can steal my sales. The short answer is yes, your ClickBank sales can be stolen right under your nose.

Now, not being a technical person, nor a thief who would try to implement this theft technique, I cannot tell you how to steal someone else’s sales, but I can certainly help ensure that you are credited for the sales you make.

However, with that said, what a ClickBank thief will try to do is replace your ClickBank ID in your product link with theirs and therefore when a sale is made it is credited to the thief’s ClickBank account. , not yours.

So how can I prevent someone from stealing my ClickBank sales?

You need to hide the ClickBank provider ID in two specific places:

  • in the order link on the vendor’s sales page
  • in the affiliate url

You can use the following techniques to hide your links of interest from ClickBank:

  • a redirect link – your own website is required for this, which you can get for about $ 1. For detailed instructions on how to do this, ClickBank has great help pages within their site that I recommend you read if you don’t know how redirect a link.
  • a cloaked link produced by an affiliate cloak program, some of which can be used for free.
  • a tracking URL, of which there are also many on the Internet, and I recommend that you do your research and choose a program that suits your needs.

The reality is that your ClickBank commission is at risk, but with a little effort and research, you can ensure the safety of your ClickBank sales.

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