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Chantal cookware means American-made quality to your kitchen

Chantal cookware means American-made quality to your kitchen

Quality products outperform low-cost ones. Why? Because you have the assurance that you are getting more than warranties and extended use. To find the right cookware for your home or restaurant, it’s best to trust the brands that have been proven time and again to deliver quality results. This is where Chantal cookware tops them all.

Chantal cookware has been around for over three decades and still has an excellent reputation for making quality cookware. Chantal is an American manufacturer of enameled cookware. Here are some key factors associated with Chantal that will allow you to think twice before buying any other brand.

Chantal designs her cookware for today’s contemporary cooks. Each piece is uniquely designed to complement modern kitchen interior designs. Not only that, but your cookware is also made with a carbon steel core, which heats up faster than normal cookware. This reduces energy use and leaves more money to spend on other kitchen expenses. These pieces are also equipped with a special ferrite construction, a Chantal feature that allows your cookware to work on any stovetop surface, including those with magnetic induction burners.

Each of Chantal’s pieces is made with high-fired glass enamel that prevents aluminum from reacting similar to base metal. Unlike most metal cookware, enamel preserves the natural flavor of food. Most of their pans and pots are made with a non-stick component that prevents food from sticking, making them easier to clean and easier to cook.

Chantal is also equipped with glass lids to provide visibility while cooking. Instead of constantly opening the lids, your cookware maximizes their cooking duration with this type of lid. Keep cool handles and knobs let you touch cookware without burning yourself. This unique feature is also found with Chantal.

Chantal cookware is one of the leading manufacturers of pots and pans for home and professional use. The sophisticated engineering and training of each cookware is made for long-lasting use and professional results. So whether you’re new to cooking or a pro, Chantal cookware provides efficient and tasty meals to turn ordinary home-cooked meals into delicious delicacies you’ll be proud to serve every day.

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