Champ Bailey Biography – His Early Years

Champ Bailey Biography – His Early Years

One of the most respected defensive players in the NFL today would have to be Champ Bailey. He is often considered among the best (if not the best) NFL cornerbacks in the country. As a top cornerback in the NFL, he always puts in a solid effort and is known for his work ethic and leadership in the locker room. There are many things about this professional soccer player that people don’t know about. Since his youth, he has always shown potential as a top-level player and his brothers were by his side. Knowing a little about his upbringing could help you understand more about who he is and how he got to where he is now.

Biological Fields (cont.)

Boss, Champ and Ron

Many Broncos fans have heard of Champ and Boss, one of the few sibling combos that played for the Denver Broncos. The last time two brothers played on the same side of the ball for the Broncos was in the 92nd minute with Doug and Dave Widell. The Bailey brothers’ story is similar to Manning’s story with Eli and Peyton. The Bailey brothers also include three members, although in both situations their older brother’s career was cut short due to injuries. Bailey’s older brother Ron was a 2-year starting cornerback at the University of Georgia (the same college that all the Bailey brothers played at). He also played for NFL Europe representing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Unfortunately, Ron’s career ended with a serious foot injury. Both Boss and Champ have credited Ron Bailey for their dedication and strong work ethic, Champ has explained multiple times how Ron’s guidance has been so influential in his own success, Ron set the tone for the rest of the family. Elaine Bailey (Mom) explained that Ron always talked about getting to the “next level,” whether it was in sports, education, or career, which she said inspired Champ and Boss to do it. The three brothers are highly respected in Folkston, Georgie, their hometown, of course for playing great football, but they were also considered good students. Boss and Champ visit their hometown frequently, sometimes hosting city-wide meals, sometimes during the holidays or other special events. To give you an idea of ​​Champs’ loyalty to home and family, when he put his name in the NFL draft, ESPN offered him a free plane ticket and a hotel in New York City, instead Champ chose go home and watch the NFL. Draft with his family and hometown on television Another very close member of the family is Danielle Bailey, sister of Champs. Lives in Stockton, GA and hosts Bailey’s soccer camp. The parents of this distinguished group are Roland and Elaine Bailey, who are separated but still very close to their children and responsible for raising these fine individuals.

High school career

Champ Bailey attended Chalton County High, located in his hometown Folkston, Georgia (a 3-traffic light city). He played soccer, basketball (no problem diving) and track and field (Georgia high jump champion in 94 ‘). While playing soccer, he showed immense potential on the field according to the coaches and the locals, playing as a quarterback and as a free safety. In his senior year, the coach moved him to running back and his quarterback was none other than his own brother Boss. Playing backfield on offense, Champ had more than 1,800 rushing yards and 28 touchdowns. Keep in mind; he achieved those stats during a 12-game season. So it’s understandable that universities across the country would want to add him to their own team. But, in the end, Bailey decided to go with her older brother Ron at the University of Georgia.

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