Buy and Sell Gift Cards in Bulk: Second Chance Income

Buy and Sell Gift Cards in Bulk: Second Chance Income

An easy way to earn extra money is to buy gift cards and sell them for cash. You can buy cards at whatever price or percentage you want and then sell them on a gift card exchange website. The earning potential is unlimited and depends on the amount of work you put in. Many people have unwanted merchandise cards and credits for which they have no use. You can usually buy these cards from them for only a fraction of their value.

For instance;
Leo returned unwanted clothing to Walmart without a receipt and received $ 100 in merchandise credit. Steve offers Leo $ 50 cash for the card and he accepts the offer. Steve then sells the $ 100 Walmart card to a gift card exchange website that gives him $ 90. That’s roughly a 45% profit and Steve made $ 40.

It is easy. Anyone can earn extra money buying and selling gift cards in bulk. To be very successful, you should follow these tips:

1.) Build your network: Send a mass email to family and friends informing them that you will buy their cards for cash. Spreading the word that you will pay people in cash for their cards is the most crucial step in building a successful network.
2.) Market yourself: Post flyers in places in the community, such as coffee shops or convenience stores. You will be amazed at the amount of feedback you receive.
3.) Get Connected – Try posting a free listing on Craigslist or searching eBay for certificates and discounted gift cards. Sometimes you can find the best deals online.
4.) Partner: Some businesses, like pawn shops, are fronts where people already sell items. Partner with business owners in what could turn out to be a very profitable venture.
5.) Use your discretion: With gift certificates and cards, there is the possibility of fraud. It is always smart to use your best judgment when making purchasing decisions. The best guideline to follow is that if it sounds like too good of a deal, it probably is.

The opportunity for additional income is truly great and if you take the time and follow the tips outlined above, you should be able to establish yourself as a leading bulk gift card provider. So, call your friends and family today and ask if they have merchandise credits or gift certificates lying around. You will be surprised what you find. You can do it, so get down to business now!

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