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Brown Sauce Mix: The All-Purpose Kitchen Helper

Brown Sauce Mix: The All-Purpose Kitchen Helper

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the brown sauce mix is ​​just to make, ta da! – brown sauce. Due to the economy, more and more people cook at home instead of going out to eat or buying fast food; And it’s great to be able to rely on a combination to complete a meal inexpensively … especially since we’re all so pressed for time these days, too, with work, long trips, and our kids’ soccer games. But trust me, you can use a brown sauce mix to boost flavor in so many recipes, rather than just making a sauce to pour over a meatloaf or roast. Even if you’re new to home cooking, you can serve up a great tasting meal by using something as simple as a dinner mix that won’t break your family’s food budget.

In fact, use the brown sauce mix as an integral part of that meatloaf – mix 1 or 2 tablespoons with the meat and your dinner will have a richness that belies the simplicity of the ingredients. (IMHO, as someone who has won or participated in over 50 cooking contests and tried many sponsor ingredients in the process of tweaking recipes! – he makes the best brown sauce mix. It’s not just easy to use. It does taste great. And best of all, instead of coming in a package that can go bad if not used in its entirety, it comes in a resealable jar to keep it fresh between uses. But I’m digressing.

Here are some other ideas to make your home-cooked meals more special using something as simple as a brown sauce mix: mix a little with ground beef when making burgers, or make a little dip as a dip to spread burgers while they cook (or grill: summer is coming soon, right?). Spread that same sauce on a roast, too. Add a little of the mixture to marinades, so the flavor infuses the meat or tofu (the brown sauce mixture is also suitable for vegetarians). Add a small amount to a pasta sauce. Sprinkle on potatoes before grilling … really, the possibilities are endless!

I hope I have encouraged you to create great meals with this all-purpose ingredient. “Brown sauce mix” is such an understatement, when there are SO MANY things you can do with it beyond just making sauce.

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