Book Review: Breaking the Road, Have a Healthy Mind, A 250-Pound Weight Loss Story

Book Review: Breaking the Road, Have a Healthy Mind, A 250-Pound Weight Loss Story

I recently finished two of this author’s e-books: Breaking the misbehavior of an abusive parent, Breakpoint 1, and Understanding the manifestation, create a vision and hold on tight, Overstanding Book 1. The author, Jason Criddle, is the product of a mixed race and a broken home. His father, a black man, beat him severely when he was young, and when Jason was nine years old his father left him and his white mother to their fate.

I was impressed by this author’s writing style, as well as his frank frankness about his childhood and ideas about his eventual success. Consequently, I also had to read this book. But the main reason I searched for this particular weight loss reading is the personal journey I’ve experienced with obesity.

I was a lean young man, an active high school athlete and well muscled, “lean and mean” while in the Marine Corps. However, about fifteen years ago I realized that I had gained 3 to 5 pounds. annually for the past 25 years. When he was in the Corps he weighed 185 pounds. Since then, the maximum mark for me was 308 pounds. I felt terrible, it hurt to sit with that big belly on the road, and every one of my joints ached when I walked. So, I have been looking for diets that will bring me back to my optimal weight.

Slim Fast and other supplements didn’t help. Atkins, fluids, and other diets didn’t help. I’ve read a few books that have helped to some extent … books on quinoa, healthy slushies, juices, paleo-diet, even hypnosis and self-affirmations have all helped. But he needed to find something that encompasses everything, something that touches all aspects of life. I found it on Breaking Through. Our author has presented us with a change in life, a change in life, and a new method of thinking. It is not just diet and in fact this is not a diet book. It’s about staying active, eating smartly at correct intervals, and thinking positively.

I am proud to say that I have lost 21 pounds, down to 287, about a pound or two in each of the last three months. In fact, that’s the best way to lose weight, slowly but steadily. If you tend to gain weight during the holidays and need to start a healthier lifestyle, this, of course, is not the answer to everything, but it is certainly a start and an inspiring read!

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