Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

Study Abroad is a unique academic experience that provides students with a meaningful, authentic and rigorous learning environment while preparing them to thrive in our increasingly global society. With trips ranging from a week to semester-long engagements, the opportunities for studying abroad are abundant and span the globe. From language immersion to hands-on research, from learning about ancient Pompeii to living with a host family in Spain – there are endless ways to learn and grow.

One of the most important benefits of Study Abroad is the increased cross-cultural competency gained by immersing yourself in a new culture. In a recent study by IES, 97% of respondents agreed that their experiences had strengthened their appreciation and understanding of people from other cultures. Additionally, 84% reported that studying abroad had increased their level of confidence in communicating with people from different countries and cultures.

During your time overseas, you will have the opportunity to discover new foods, customs, traditions, and social environments, each with their own distinctive perspective on life. The ability to embrace these differences and integrate them into your own is a skill that will serve you well throughout your lifetime.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Beyond the classroom, you will have countless opportunities to explore your host country and its surroundings on your days off from school. Visiting museums, taking hikes, and trying new restaurants are just a few of the ways you can broaden your horizons while soaking up the natural beauty of your surroundings. You may also find that you have a hidden passion for mountain climbing, scuba diving, or other activities that you’ve never explored before.

In addition to expanding your horizons, studying abroad teaches you how to navigate a foreign culture by requiring you to take care of yourself, plan ahead, and make decisions independently. This is a valuable life lesson that will serve you well in future endeavors, especially when it comes to tackling any challenges in your professional career.

Studying abroad is an enriching and transformative experience that offers students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, immerse themselves in diverse cultures, and gain invaluable skills that will shape their personal and professional lives. Whether pursuing a semester, a year, or an entire degree program in a foreign country, the decision to study abroad opens doors to new perspectives, challenges, and adventures.

One of the most compelling aspects of studying abroad is the chance to explore a different culture firsthand. Experiencing life in another country exposes students to unique traditions, customs, and ways of thinking that can profoundly impact their worldview. From sampling exotic cuisines to participating in local festivals, studying abroad allows students to engage with the richness and diversity of global culture in a way that cannot be replicated in a classroom setting.

In a foreign city, you will naturally encounter local residents and fellow students, and your interactions with these individuals may lead to long-lasting friendships. These connections will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the world and build a network that will support your professional career. Additionally, these relationships may also open the door to future collaborations or job opportunities that you would not otherwise have had access to.

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