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A Women’s Guide to Girdles

A Women’s Guide to Girdles

Shapewear is every female celebrity’s secret to looking flawless in her designer dresses. This hardworking underwear disguises love handles, tightens torsos, and gives women perfectly smooth contours even under the tightest clothing. No wonder shapewear is all the rage and now a must-have item in many women’s wardrobes. As word spread about this versatile and flattering underwear, its popularity skyrocketed. Now women can visit almost any local lingerie store and choose from dozens of styles and brands. Here are the basic options women will want to consider:


Camisole tops cover only the upper part of the body. These are great for covering up love handles and bra strap lines, and contouring tummy fat. These versatile tops can work under any typical top, and many even feature beautiful details, like lace, that can peek out from under blazers or other work attire. Some camisole tops offer removable straps or flexible straps so the piece can be worn as a sleeveless top or with traditional spaghetti straps.


There are all kinds of shapewear panties available. Some tighten and firm, while others lift and provide extra volume.

mid thigh

The mid-thigh option is almost like a cycling short, but it’s designed to fit easily under everyday clothing such as pants, skirts, and even shorts. Tighten your upper thighs, buttocks, and lower stomach.

full body suit

Every celebrity swears by the full body suit, which covers everything from the bust to the waist and thighs. These are worn under dresses and are great for ensuring visible panty or bra lines don’t interrupt a woman’s look. Although they are the most restrictive, they also offer the most noticeable results for a flawless appearance. When shopping for a full body suit, women will want to consider what length makes sense for their wardrobe. Some end at the thigh area, while others reach the ankles. There are also many types of tops to consider, such as spaghetti straps, sleeveless tops, and even strapless tops.

Choosing the right girdle requires a bit of knowledge, patience, and most importantly, time. Before making a purchase, a woman should test several options and be sure to find one that allows her to move freely while still giving her the flattering support she is looking for. The right item can not only help her feel better about how she looks in her favorite clothes, but it can also boost her confidence.

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