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10 Valuable Content Marketing Tips That Will Drive Sales In Shopify Ecommerce Stores

10 Valuable Content Marketing Tips That Will Drive Sales In Shopify Ecommerce Stores

There seems to be some kind of frenzy or uproar of some kind when it comes to content marketing … It’s a peculiar thing, as content marketing has always been the # 1, essential practice in SEO best practices. In fact, content is what made the Internet one of the most important inventions of modern technology.

TopRank Marketing’s Lee Odden said, “Content is the reason the search started in the first place.”

Before the web / internet was filled with ads and PPC, content was the only thing that brought traffic to websites.

Interestingly, even since the rise of digital marketing and technology, content still has immense impact in driving customers and sales to different websites. Instead of losing its power, content has now become more essential and effective than ever in digital marketing strategies.

Why market content for Shopify ecommerce stores?

An exceptional piece of content that you create can live for eternity on the Internet. Unique and extraordinary content will continue to drive traffic, leads, and sales for years to come! You will proceed to make your rounds on social media networks and develop referrals and backlinks.

When you write amazing and amazing content, you are starting to create a kind of chain reaction. The more engaging and informative the content, the heavier the response … and this is just one of the many reasons why content marketing for Shopify eCommerce stores is vital!

You have to think of content marketing as a kind of money-making gadget or something that works without ever tiring out no matter what time of day … to grow.

Below you will find a variety of Killer Market content strategies that will drive traffic to your Shopify eCommerce store.

1. Write bold headlines. Always start with the basics – great headlines. On search results pages, the headlines you’ve created have a colossal impact. Use headlines to attract the attention of your potential users and customers.

2. Write using powerful language / words. Power words are words that will convey emotions and appeal to the different senses of a person. Words like “killer, catastrophic, ballistic, explosive and / or” amazing, mind-blowing, extraordinary, miraculous, amazing “and the likes seem to cause a reaction in people. We are sure that you have also experienced it while reading powerful content and truly moving.

However, be careful about using too many powerful words, as they may seem genuine or even fraudulent. Find a balance and place powerful words in precise places, where the impact will be felt the most.

  • Don’t be afraid to be sexy. It is no secret that sex sells. It just does … That said, be sexy in the applicable circumstances, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be inappropriate or offensive. Creating some attractive headlines will help you with traffic to your Shopify ecommerce stores.
  • Be mysterious and intriguing. Everyone enjoys a little mystery; a bit of intrigue … so don’t blurt out all your information in your headlines. Spark readers’ curiosity by leveraging the divide between user problems and the solutions you can provide.
  • Boost expectations. Keep in mind that not many websites have received much attention by following conventional methods. Think out of the box. Dare to be nervous and a little shocking. Unfilter yourself and your content. Write about things your users don’t expect. However, ALWAYS back up your information with hard facts and data.

3. Acquire information. We recommend that you subscribe to websites, such as Copy Blogger, QuickSprout, Social Media Examiner, and Content Marketing Institute. Look at the types of headlines, which generate the most shares and tweets. Don’t be afraid to be experimental. You will learn from your mistakes.

4. Create fruitful content! Fertile, abundant, informative, creative, abundant – these are all synonymous with extraordinary Shopify ecommerce content. People love to connect and interact with content, as long as it engages their senses. If you know what really appeals to your target audience, you will see that your content will start to spread like an epidemic. Use this guide to create genuine and fruitful Shopify ecommerce content.

5. Make sure the content goes viral. How do you know if your content is viral? Well, if your content is worth your information, it will usually spread itself. Give your target audience reasons to connect and / or share your content with others. Is your content absolutely amazing? Do you offer special offers?

Developing viral content is of the utmost importance as it will force your users to share your content. For Shopify ecommerce stores, it is sometimes a bit more challenging and for this reason you need to make sure that your Shopify ecommerce blog page is one of the best in your line of business and / or industry.

6. Newsjacking of social trends. We live in a world of hashtags and trending topics, and hashtags and trends come and go daily. When you use Newsjack, you are basically leveraging trending topics on social media to optimize your ecommerce content. For example, if #NationalCatDay is trending on Twitter, think about and / or find a way to link this trending hashtag to your business. You can even just Tweet about it on your business Twitter account and users will realize that your business is one that keeps abreast of all kinds of current affairs.

7. Create longer blog posts / content. Guys, it’s a myth that users are lazy and don’t want to read long texts. Sure, if the content is unconvincing or uninformative and is invaluable to users, it will naturally bounce back. However, if you have great content, with valuable and newsworthy information, your users will definitely want to read all of your content.

Plus, search engines love long-form copy!

8. Create and use visual content. Tweets containing images have been reported to have received approximately 89 percent more favorites and approximately 150 percent more ReTweets compared to tweets that do not contain any images.

Sure, you can select most of the images / photos that you share on Twitter and other social media platforms, but it is highly recommended that you dare to get a little creative with your smartphone and camera and experiment a few for totally authentic images. You never know, you can even start something as big as the Hot Pepper Challenge!

Organize and organize content marketing for Shopify eCommerce stores

A lot of Shopify ecommerce stores / businesses have recently realized the importance of ecommerce and content marketing. But only a few have found the infrastructure to optimize continuous content across the wide range of digital marketing channels and platforms available.

No matter what type of business you have, you must have access to the capabilities that will allow you to create, disseminate, and monitor your content.

9. Develop a calendar for Shopify ecommerce content. To get started, you need a concrete Shopify eCommerce content marketing strategy. Create a document that details: topics, short-term goals, targeting data, and targeting. A calendar like the one outlined is the best way to start and ensure a successful ecommerce content marketing campaign for your Shopify ecommerce store.

As you become more familiar with your target audience, you will adapt more to prepare different content marketing strategies that are suitable for your users. Always make sure that any new strategy you implement is of the highest quality. Don’t create content just to post something …

10. Reuse content. “Kill two birds with one stone …” When writing content, keep this quote in mind as it can be invaluable and extremely effective. When creating content, we often forget some of the really great text that has been published.

Take the time to go back to the previous content that you have written and / or created that you feel confident in and share it multiple times on the same platform so that you can reach people in different time zones or who have different clothes online. Once you do this, modify / repurpose your content, so you can distribute these amazing pieces of content across different platforms.

For example, if you created an infographic a few weeks ago and are now developing a video for this week, check to see if you can incorporate your infographic from weeks ago into your new video. Remember, content is not just about words!

Start applying these amazing and totally effective tips that will drive sales in your Shopify ecommerce store!

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