Will all next-gen Google pixels fit with Dragon 835?

Will all next-gen Google pixels fit with Dragon 835?

Google created the biggest problem in 2016. Google has started to actively participate in the hardware industry. At the center of the problem was the Google Pixel. Of course, Google didn’t produce directly from the hardware production line, but it was a smartphone that Google made throughout the process. Despite being the first smartphone, the sales volume was huge. In this controversy, Google’s hardware industry is unlikely to stop. I think the core of this year’s hardware products will be Google Pixel 2. The introduction was long. Let’s see how Pixel 2 will be released in the future!

Snap Dragon 835 with the next generation three pixels!

Pixel 2, due to launch this year, is expected to launch two of the same products. A 5.5-inch XL pixel and a 5-inch pixel product will be released. However, a product is added to the market. It is expected to be the successor to the Motorola Nexus 6 or the new Google tablet. The kid of the month is known as the successor to the Pixel XL, followed by the 5-inch pixels, the Nexus 6, or the new Google tablet. All three products will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

HTC to Pixel 2 and LG to collaborate with LG?

Pixel 2 is currently Google’s governing body and HTC is in charge of production. This symbiotic relationship is expected to remain in Pixel 2. Google is in the process of selecting a company that will produce Pixel 3, which will be produced in 2018. LG, HTC, TCL, cool pad, and is expected to launch in 2018 to compete to win the Pixel 3 production is known to compete. Of these, LG is the most influential. LG seems to have an advantage because it has previously produced the Nexus series. The Nexus 4 in 2012, the Nexus 5 in 2013, and the Nexus 5X in 2015 are designed by Google, and LG and Google have already collaborated. In addition to this, Google invested 1 trillion KRW in LG Display. It is said that it invested in a stable supply of OLED panel to install on the Pixel 3. From this perspective, it seems that LG will be based on the Pixel 3.

Why did LG become a Google partner?

The existing pixels were supplied by Samsung Display and HTC was responsible for manufacturing. The world demand for pixel phones is 5 million units. We expect more sales than Pixel 2. Pixel 2, which expects more sales, has failed to receive OLED from Samsung. This is because Apple has already partnered with Samsung to improve its OLED display. Therefore, Google seems to have a strategy of investing 1 trillion KRW in LG Display to provide a stable supply of OLED panels. In conclusion, LG is emerging as a Google partner because it is a company that can supply OLED, except Samsung, and can make smartphones, so Google seems to be working with LG.

Production of the Pixel 2 HTC, scheduled for launch in September

Unfortunately, for 2017, you will have to see the Google pixels created by HTC. The official release date for HTC’s Pixel 2 is scheduled for mid-September. Pixel 2, unveiled right now, doesn’t mention device flaws much and shouldn’t cause any issues. Pixel 2, a benchmark smartphone made by Google, has the advantage of being able to see the latest operating systems faster, but I think that if consumers continue to suffer from minor glitches like pixels, consumers may be distracted.

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