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Weekend getaways and mini-vacations!

Weekend getaways and mini-vacations!

You need to get away, but you don’t have the time or money to take a week or two to go to your favorite destinations. Many people dismiss taking a weekend away and heading to a semi-local vacation spot that allows them to get away, relax, enjoy time alone or together, and find romance, relaxation, fun, or whatever they are looking for in a vacation. . .

The beauty of weekend getaways is that you can travel on a budget and not miss work, children’s activities, etc. For some years while we were in school, my wife and I never had enough time or money to take a full trip, so we took little weekend trips a few times a year and experienced more types of trips than if we had. had a great trip. .

So we’ve put together a simple list of weekend getaways that you can print out and enjoy right away. Many of the ideas we mentioned are generalized to any area of ​​the world, however, we will mention several places that are close to where we live as examples. Use your imagination to brainstorm destinations that are within the driving range and are quite affordable.

1. Romantic Getaways: They are usually at the top of the list. With anniversaries, holidays, romantic events, etc. always around the corner, we must be alert to think of new ideas that will make our loved ones fly and maintain the romance. Rent a bed and breakfast in a small town, choose a hotel in a romantic city like Paris, head to Las Vegas and enjoy all it has to offer. Romantic places are as creative as you make them.

2. Sporting Events: Big sporting events like March Madness are always fun. One example is that two of my best friends for Valentine’s Day travel a couple of hours to the state capital to watch the state high school basketball championships. Spring training for baseball is coming up and he’s always in a warm place. You have racing, soccer, golf, the Olympics, baseball, major horse racing events like the Kentucky Derby. The list goes on and on.

3. Camping – This is an inexpensive vacation that can be fun, romantic, and adventurous. Combine camping with rafting or hiking or without being too adventurous, rent a cabin in the woods and escape all together from society.

4. Theme Parks: One year we traveled to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio and enjoyed a day at the theme park and a night at Put-n-Bay on Lake Erie. Also, we live near Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio, and many people travel from all over to spend a couple of days enjoying the attractions there. There are theme parks everywhere and they are a great way to have fun while enjoying a variety of activities. If you’re not close to Disney World or Disneyland, consider a closer location.

5. Famous vacation spots: Las Vegas comes to mind. We enjoyed traveling to Gatlingurg, Tennessee and spending a couple of days in a cabin, shopping, eating, and hanging out. New York, San Diego, anywhere in a 6 hour drive time to your home can be perfect. Just write a few places inside that circle and pick one.

6. Beaches: Unfortunately, we don’t live within hours of a beach, but many people do. A great weekend getaway to enjoy beach walks, ocean view dining, oceanfront hotel or villa and everything a beach vacation has to offer.

7. Festivals, Events, Concerts: Is there a musician playing in a city not too far away? How about a great event or festival? Pack your bags and go out for the weekend. Grab a hotel and head to this event. You will have a great time. We have done it many times and we always have a good time.

This is just a short list of ideas. Pack your bags and go. You’ll return feeling refreshed and ready to plan your next weekend getaway.

Have fun and tell us about your trip!

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