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Walking, water and weight watchers: the 3 questions to lose weight

Walking, water and weight watchers: the 3 questions to lose weight

I have been working seriously to lose weight for about two and a half months and many people have asked me what I am doing to be so successful. I answer: “The 3 W to lose weight!” Of course they don’t know what the 3Ws of weight loss are, so I quickly tell them: “Walking, Water, and Weight Watchers.” I know this is not a formula that works for everyone, but it sure works for me! Water is an essential liquid that everyone needs, walking is a great form of exercise, and Weight Watchers is a world-renowned weight loss organization that has helped millions of people lose weight and keep it off forever.

For walk:

Walking is a good calorie-burning exercise that most of us have been doing for most of our lives. Apart from a good pair of walking shoes and comfortable clothes, it does not require any other equipment, so the price is right! But what’s most impressive about walking are the health benefits it provides. Walking is gentle on the joints and actually relieves back pain in some people. It has the ability to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, build muscle and strengthen bones, and of course, it leads to weight loss! Try to walk at least 10,000 steps every day!

So far I have lost 24 1/2 pounds, but other than weight loss, walking every day allows me to relax mentally and I feel like it reduces my stress levels. The funny thing is that the further I walk, the more my body and mind seem to yearn for it. Walking has become a very healthy habit for me.


A recent study indicated that after drinking 17 oz. of water, both men and women experienced a 30% increase in their metabolic rate that lasted about 40 minutes.

A few months ago, I stopped drinking soda and replaced it with water. I can already feel a difference in my skin tone and of course it is helping me with my weight loss efforts because I am full and I am less prone to overeating. Drinking water on a daily basis is definitely a habit now and I feel so much better about it! Drink 8.8 oz. glasses of water every day to increase your weight loss efforts!

Weight controller:

Weight Watchers was founded in the early 1960s by Jean Nidetch. She started by organizing small informal gatherings at her home to discuss the topic of weight loss. Those little gatherings grew over the years and now Weight Watchers has grown into a worldwide community of millions of people who are dedicated to the task of losing weight.

Weight Watchers is a science-based program that promotes weight loss through healthy lifestyle changes to include mental, emotional, and physical health. Weight Watchers meetings are designed to provide weight loss motivation, nutrition and exercise information, and a comfortable environment where members and leaders offer support and encouragement to one another. There are hundreds of hangouts around the world, and Weight Watchers is now offered online as well.

My Weight Watchers leader is fantastic and I look forward to going to my meeting every week. Not only is she a wonderful role model, having lost 45 pounds herself, she has the natural ability to bring out the best in all of us who faithfully attend her meetings. It’s armed with scientific research, your own weight loss story, motivational quotes, exercise tips, and recipes; all of which she wraps in a warm sense of humor to give us the tools we need for the coming week.

If you’ve been frustrated with past weight loss attempts, try the 3W of Weight Loss. It is the healthy way to lose weight and I am sure you will be satisfied with the results!

Contact me at with your success stories at [email protected] (no matter what weight loss method you used) and I will post them on my site.

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