Upgrading your diesel exhaust system improves the performance, power and torque of your Powerstroke

Upgrading your diesel exhaust system improves the performance, power and torque of your Powerstroke

If you want to get more out of your Ford Powerstroke, then you have to compromise a bit … in the form of fresh, clean air. An exhaust system is one of the first upgrades I recommend for your Ford diesel truck. An upgraded diesel exhaust system provides improved performance and lower exhaust gas temperatures, unlike factory systems, which can eliminate noise, but create back pressure and increase exhaust temperatures.

Minimizing back pressure is the secret to getting more out of your diesel engine. The only way cool air can get in is to get hot air out. A diesel performance system draws exhaust gases quickly through the spiral-louvered high-flow muffler to fully mandrel-bent piping and minimal degree of bend angles. You can reduce the exhaust gas temperature in your Powerstroke up to 200ºF setting the stage for higher overall performance. A performance system is definitely the starting point for getting the most out of your cold air intake, controllers, modules, and arresters.

We all want better performance from our Powerstrokes and performance is paramount, but as a Ford enthusiast, I think looks and sound are equally important. High-performance diesel exhaust systems are specifically tuned to obtain the optimal sound from your truck along with an attractive visual style. If you’re going to have your Ford Powerstroke kicking butt then you need to watch and sound the part too.

The best systems start with the best materials.

High-performance exhaust systems come in heavy-duty aluminized steel or stainless steel. Aluminized systems can offer an affordable price without compromising quality. In some stock systems, joints are a major rust point, but fully sealed tubes can add years to your system.

Built to function.

Most of the time, when someone tells you that the size of the pipe does not matter, it is a lie. When it comes to high-performance exhaust systems, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Stock systems often use pipes that are too small, causing restriction and back pressure, causing you to lose power. However, using pipes that are too large for your engine makes the exhaust unable to be cleaned properly, causing it to lose power and efficiency. High-performance exhaust systems are sized exactly for your year, make, and model, so you get pipes that are just the right size.

For the owner of a 7.3L diesel Powerstroke, you will find that your truck responds extremely well to a full turbo rear exhaust system. This type of system consists of a 4 “downpipe, 4” intermediate pipes, a high flow diesel muffler with a 4 “tailpipe. You can finish the system with a polished 5” diameter tailpipe. as a mirror for extra style points. With this system, high flow is the key to putting the “power” in Powerstroke. This system is a must have for trucks that have or intend to run an upgraded air intake system and chip.

If you really want to give your truck more pulling power, you can count on an exhaust system upgrade so you can tow all of your gear effortlessly. You’ll see gains in horsepower and torque, better fuel economy, and a drop in EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature). You can expect to see up to 18 more horsepower and 28 ft.-lbs. More torque. Many diesel performance exhaust systems are easy to install in 1 to 2 hours with bolt-on, no-weld designs, which make installation easier and provide much better operating performance from your truck.

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