Tips for cleaning interior post construction

Tips for cleaning interior post construction

There is nothing worse than bringing in contractors to complete a construction project and discovering that once they have finished the job, they have left their clutter behind. Construction site cleaning is part of the construction industry and it can be a complicated job, but someone has to do it. You can make your life easier by cleaning on the go to get started, and that should help reduce the burden of final cleaning to some extent. While it is impossible to cover all aspects of a proper construction cleanup project, a good place to start would be to remove trash and debris on a daily basis, particularly wood and paint chips that can pose a dangerous fire hazard.

There are many construction companies that could use an independent contractor to do the cleanup, as you can save a lot of time and money by bringing in specialists (depending on the size of the job). It is always advisable to take a tour prior to the start of cleanup so that the supervisor finds out exactly what the construction manager’s expectations are regarding cleanup. This will also help prevent a poor final product (when the project is complete).

So what does he do construction site cleaning really imply? In general, any scrapes, hand and finger stains, dust and dirt should be wiped off the walls and the same goes for trim, baseboards, windows, door frames, and handrails. Roofs will also need a good dust and removal of any cobwebs that have sprung up. Doors need to be cleaned, which can include the front, back, sides, and top, and don’t forget about the hinges. Any masonry will need to be vacuumed and cleaned according to instructions. It will also be necessary to vacuum all the carpets throughout the project. Wood, tile, or marble must be polished, waxed, and sealed. You will need to clean the tracks, frames, and window panes. Make sure to clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans as dust tends to accumulate. Wall and ceiling vents and floor vents will also need to be vacuumed, and in the case of floor vents, these will need to be removed so that you can vacuum as deeply as the fixtures will allow. Electrical outlets and switches should be cleaned as they can collect dust and hand stains. That’s just basic interior cleaning, it doesn’t cover the specific cleaning required in a bathroom, kitchen, or entryway. Not to mention mirrors and cabinets throughout the house, as well as removing unnecessary manufacturer stickers.

On the subject of manufacturers, you should not forget the importance of what cleaning chemicals should and should not be used. Only manufacturer recommended cleaning products should be used as the wrong chemical can cause irreparable damage and will delay your project as you will have to replace any damaged items, especially delicate stone things like marble, granite and quartz. You will most likely not be able to do all the cleaning yourself, depending on the type of project, you will likely need to call in the professionals to finish your floor as it will require sealing and waxing. Now that the interior has been taken care of, you can begin to focus on cleaning the exterior.

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