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The qualities that make a partner stay for life

The qualities that make a partner stay for life

When you get to know someone and everything is going well, the love and affection increase, the desire to be with them increases, but sometimes that fades with the chemistry and passion. Enduring love is built with respect and admiration for that person, for who they really are.

But sometimes, something drives us away, that turns off our hearts and makes us lose interest when we see something that generates doubts and fear. That is where love and all positive feelings cut and break.

Love is a natural state for the human being. We all wish we had someone to love. Our natural inclination is to fall in love. When we meet someone we like, we are automatically drawn to love them, unless there is something that turns us off.

When you find someone you really like, to maintain the relationship with the one you feel is ‘the one’, you cannot turn him off or push him away.

That does not mean that you should pretend, but that you should become a person who is naturally not doing things that create fear in anyone’s mind.

By working on ourselves, to become someone who does not act selfish, narrow-minded, or emotionally unstable, or is oversensitive and easily offended, we can keep love when we find it.

Become someone who is naturally the most attractive person by not doing things that make you afraid; ‘Oh my gosh, what will this person be in the future?’

You can dress well and wear perfume, but eventually they recognize you for who you are. It must be a person worthy of the love you seek.

Basically, we are saying not to do things that push someone away instead of concentrating too much on doing things to be loved. Of course, both are better.


Step 1 Make a list of all the things you dislike. Arrogance, selfish, short-tempered, easy to offend, emotionally touchy, etc. are just some of the qualities that make a physically attractive person unappealing. Make your list without filtering, just make a list of everything you feel you dislike, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Step 2 Take an honest look at yourself and make an objective observation of yourself for the next two to three weeks. Is there something about you that needs to change? How many of the things on your list in Step 1 are you guilty of doing?

Don’t be afraid if you are faced with an ugly reality. Anything in your personality can change because you were not born as you are now. Humans are born as a blank slate, we are formed with the events of our life. All the features can be changed if you really want to. The question is, how much do you want to have that Love that lasts a lifetime?

A beautiful soul, in a medium or inferior body, can have a long list of suitors. After all, love that lasts a lifetime will outlive our physical attractiveness.

The part of you that wants to share a life of love and passion until old age has to be what you will polish, much more than photographing your selfies.

Every human being has a pure heart, it only takes effort and will to let go of the past for scars to heal instead of putting them on the next one you find and scaring them away.

The exercise of this article will help you change so much, in a short time you will become so attractive that everyone you date will want to stay with you forever.

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