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The importance of law enforcement in our society

The importance of law enforcement in our society

Without proper law enforcement, the rule of law would mean nothing. There would be no one to protect him from harm and violence. Human beings are social creatures and we tend to live in cities, towns, and communities, where interaction between our peers is almost inevitable. Unfortunately, there will almost always be those who will not respect your rights as a human being, or will not fulfill their social, financial and moral responsibility as citizens. They will try to rob you, threaten you, and take advantage of you. That requires the role of the police to be to enforce the law, capturing or deterring people who violate the rules of the law, and to protect your rights as a citizen.

Without law enforcement, if someone did you wrong, then you have to take that person yourself and bring them to the magistrate. Also, if you came home only to see that someone had broken in and stolen your belongings, without the police, there would be no police detective to investigate. Also, the rich and powerful could hire a detective agency to track down whoever committed the crimes, but the poor might have no one to protect if they had been victims. If you’ve been hit by a car driven by a reckless driver, without law enforcement, they could remove you. Of course, that would be aggravating on your part. If the beer gutted husband is hitting, beating, or verbally abusing his wife, without law enforcement, the domestic violence could still continue, as no police would not be there if domestic violence were reported. These are just a few of the many other violations that can be committed against you, but nonetheless, we cannot deny the enormous importance of the role of law enforcement in our society.

The rule of law identifies that your property is yours and therefore no one can enter your property and take it against your will. In addition, the rule of law also identifies that no person deserves to be discriminated against, either because of their race, skin color, sex and gender, and that those who discriminate must be sanctioned by the legislation of each country. Furthermore, it dictates that corrupt officials, rapists, murderers and robberies must be punished. Furthermore, the rule of law recognizes that, as a citizen, you have a responsibility to fulfill and that you also have rights that must be duly recognized, respected and protected by all means.

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