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Super easy science experiments: tie knots in bones!

Super easy science experiments: tie knots in bones!

It’s been proven time and time again that with super easy science experiments, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to have fun! Either way, tying bones in knots is so much more fun and awesome than trying to reinvent the wheel.

To tie knots in bones, we must first understand the basics by doing a simple experiment with an egg. You can use a raw egg, but it’s less of a risk in terms of cleanup if you use a boiled egg.

Use a clear glass or jar and fill it with enough vinegar to cover the egg completely and place the egg in the glass or jar filled with vinegar. You will see the beginning of the experiment begin to happen. See the bubbles coming out of the egg? Ok, now leave the egg in the vinegar for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours, remove the egg from the vinegar. What happened? The shell of the egg has gone completely soft! Now repeat the same experiment, using the same vinegar, and put some chicken bones in the vinegar and wait 24 hours again.

Once you remove the egg from the vinegar, place it on a plate or in a container and leave it on the table for another 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hours, take the bone out of the vinegar and tie a knot in it! Place it on a plate as well. What happened to the egg you left on the table after 24 hours? It got hard again!

That’s how it all works. The eggshell, like the bone, contains calcium carbonate and that is the substance that hardens the eggshell and the bone. Vinegar is an acidic substance and once you combine or bring these two substances into contact, carbon dioxide is released. Those were the bubbles you were seeing. This chemical reaction will continue until all the carbon in the eggshell or bone is completely used up. This process takes about 24 hours to complete.

So how do the egg and bone harden again? The calcium left in the bone and shell of the egg absorbed carbon dioxide from the air, causing the bone and shell to harden again.

With hard chicken bones again, show them off and see if people can clear up the mystery of knotted bones!

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