Rain-X Repel Vs Rain-X Latitude wiper blades

Rain-X Repel Vs Rain-X Latitude wiper blades

How a woman sees the Rain-X Repel versus the Rain-X Latitude

As a woman, it is often difficult to determine which wiper blades and size are best for my vehicle. I was attracted to the two popular Rain-X brands that fit my car and were available online. Determining the best alternative required a bit of research. Most manufacturers recommend that the windshield wiper blades be replaced every year. It is understandable, if you live in a dry climate, that the blades will certainly need to be replaced as they wear out and become brittle and inefficient. It would also be important that the installation of the wiper blades is simple and easy for a woman. Most importantly, I wanted something that would provide clear visibility during frequent snow and rain storms.

When comparing Rain-X Repel and Rain-X Latitude wipers, there appeared to be little difference in availability for most car makes and models. There was a price difference and a different technology that was used in the construction or operation of the windshield wiper blades. Below is a comparison of the characteristics of the two windscreen wiper blades:

Features of the Rain-X Repel wiper blade

Rain-X Repel windshield wipers use a new technology that provides clearer visibility while driving by using a proprietary coating that helps raindrops, snow and ice particles, as well as insects and mud to remove. transferred from the sheet to the glass windshield.

Time Release Coating Technology is quick, typically a few minutes before drops are produced, providing continuous visibility for many cleaning cycles. The special coating and curved blade design reduce wiper noise and provide clearer window visibility without scratches.

Rain-X Repel wiper blades are available for an extensive list of popular car models and a variety of makes from 1970 to the current year.

Rain-X Repel requires you to follow activation procedures by thoroughly cleaning windows prior to installation. At double the price, Rain-X Repel offers the same anti-scratch advantage as Rain-X Latitude. These blades don’t always rest on the windshield as they often lift off the surface in 60-70 mph winds, resulting in uneven wipes. With adjustment, the pressure on the windshield can be increased, resulting in wipes that constantly come into contact with the entire surface of the windshield.

Rain-X Latitude windshield wiper

Rain-X Latitude wipers are best known for their contoured design that glides evenly over the windshield and their graphite-coated rubber blades that provide noise-free cleaning action. They also replace standard style wiper blades and can be fitted with special adapters to accommodate use on eight different styles of wiper blade arms or 98% of vehicle wiper blade arms.

These blades offer easy installation modes, including small J-hook adapters or bayonet manifold adapter, larger J-hook, or side pin arm wiper arms. The blades are made with durable rubber coated frames that resist inclement weather such as ice, snow or wind.

The Rain-X Latitude wiper is also offered for the same year range (1970-2011) for many vehicle makes and models.

It seems that when making a decision, you may need to consider cost as an important factor, as well as ease of installation and emphasis on the quality of the wiper pressure to maintain consistent visibility. My guess is I’d select the Rain-X Latitude wiper blades which, based on most reviews online, seem to be more consistent and at half the price.

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