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Owning Horses in the Suburbs – Suburban Horses

Owning Horses in the Suburbs – Suburban Horses

In today’s society, approximately 20% of families in the United States own more than one horse.

Thousands of other families living in urban or suburban communities with small acres of land and some without land would like to have a horse or two. Many of these families have little or no knowledge of owning horses in the suburbs or raising horses in urban areas.

Owning horses or a horse can be an educational, exciting and very enjoyable experience for both young and old. Or it can also be a dangerous and unpleasant experience if proper knowledge of horse breeding in the suburbs is not pursued before purchasing a horse.

For many people, horses are simply beautiful creatures. But prospective horse owners need to look beyond appearances and know that there are many differences with horses, many different responsibilities of owning a horse in urban areas compared to rural and agricultural areas.

-You need to learn to buy and how to buy a horse.

– Horse care and management

– You also need knowledge of horse equipment.

You should also have the proper facilities or accommodation for your horse if you have a small plot of land. You will need a suitable horse stable or shed, a suitable staking area or a place to run, too, how are you going to keep your horse or horses in exercise?

There are many other things to consider, like how many horses does your community allow per acre? How will your neighbors react when you have a horse or horses? Will they be comfortable with it and the possible smell of horse urine and poop, depending on how close or far it is from your property? Another thing to think about is what are you going to do with the mud after cleaning the barn or paddock? Do you have space to compost it or are you going to need a company or someone to collect it? Where are you going to store hay and feed? Where will you keep your horse trailer if you decide you want to put on a show with your horse or ride a horse? Lastly, consider what it will cost to keep your horse at home, to feed and maintain it, etc.

If you have a horse in the suburbs, you may want to consider boarding your horse at a local horse boarding facility, so you need to consider how much that will cost you as well.

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