Nicknames for your partner, the parts of your body and the act of getting physical

Nicknames for your partner, the parts of your body and the act of getting physical

Have you ever gone out for coffee with your friends and the subject of your partner’s pet names comes up? You know the names we call our loved ones, the terms of endearment we respond to. We all have them. How they arose is often a story in itself.

Even more fun is that many couples take the idea of ​​nicknames their spouses or girlfriends / boyfriends to the next level. We started coining nicknames for various parts of the body (intimate parts) and also coming up with a custom keyword for the act of having sexual intimacy.

Are these people crazy or do they just have a strange sense of humor? Or is this normal?

Research would tell us that it is indeed the norm. More than eighty-three percent of people refer to their partners with a love term (who could forget the Seinfeld episode where George affectionately calls his girlfriend ‘Poopsie-Whoopsie’ to Jerry’s dismay).

Most common love names:

  • Dear

  • Dear

  • Cracker

  • pumpkin

  • cupcake

  • kiss

  • love muffin

And then there are the few terms of endearment, although they may not seem like it, like: fart knocker, chubby, grumpy, princess, etc.

Even more astonishing is that more than seventy-six percent of people actually have a nickname for their body parts and their sexual relationships. There was once a woman who called her breasts ‘Freddie and Eddie’ and another who called hers ‘Boobsie Twins’. Can you remember the three different nicknames Homer gave Marge in the Simpsons in reference to her breasts? Hootie McBoob, Busty St. Clair, and Chesty Larue.

And the men?

Most guys like to name their penis. Maybe because they feel like it has a mind of its own. Maybe because they like to talk to him! And then it can be argued that it is because they have trouble thinking with their real head often led by their “other” head. Think of it as a split personality disorder. For men, it is simply easier to separate the two.

Common names for the male member:

  • One-Eyed Pant Snake

  • Ralph

  • Fireman

  • German soldier

  • German

  • Pink steel

  • Turtle

Many of the names do not make sense and some names are simply the ego of the boy who appears.

And then there are the phrases that are used to capture the essence of getting physical. Phrases like ‘horizontal bop, ‘ ‘Game time’ is a very common term used by many adults to signal the time to get playful and enjoy making love a little. There is also the term ‘rookie‘which many adults understand as sex. If you’ve ever seen the movie beer Festival Who could forget the term ‘slap and tickle’!

So what does all this mean?

When it comes to matters of the heart, humans like to personalize their affections and claim their territory, which equates to their mate.

When it comes to naming a specific part of the body, we do it for a variety of reasons:

  1. It is a way to add some humor and personality to the topic.

  2. It helps create a small barrier between our real emotions and the act itself.

Both are extremely helpful, especially if one experiences difficulties in sexual performance. It’s always easier to blame ‘Ralph’ or ‘Herb’ for a poor performance than yourself.

So when it comes to showing affection with your partner, don’t forget to include their friend! If you are not sure what to get your loved one, why not gift him or her an affectionate nickname or even better buy something personal for you and the ‘German soldier’ ​​to enjoy!

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