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Nature as a driver of change – Magazine 360

Nature as a driver of change – Magazine 360

Nature has great potential. Research shows that spending time in open fields and mountains can make us happier, healthier and change our perceptions of the environment.

As a brand based on respect for nature and sharing its beauty with others, Sweden’s Fjällräven is still focused on its mission to make the world care about the environment. The company achieves this by offering its customers durable and functional equipment models, as well as organizing events such as the Fjällräven Classic.

The pandemic and nature

The cancellation of social events and the home office created a precondition for more time in nature. But climbing a mountain on a Saturday-Sunday can often be accompanied by unpleasant consequences for the surrounding flora and fauna if we are not properly prepared. This is not just about material preparation as the right equipment, but also about mental attitude. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the possibility of organized activities where people can learn how to enjoy natural values ​​responsibly is minimized. But the Swedish equipment company Fjällräven provided us with alternative forms of training in 2020.

Trekking with a thought for the future

Fjällräven carries out its work on the understanding that the more time people spend in nature, the more they love it and are ready to protect it. Holding trekking events such as Fjällräven Classic and Fjällräven Polar is a natural continuation of the brand’s sustainable strategy, focused on learning, with a view to nature.

The multi-day trekking event Fjällräven Classic was created in 2005 by the founder of Fjällräven, Oke Nordin. In essence, the event is an incomparable feeling trip in nature, open to amateurs and professionals. It takes place over several days, the participants make the march at their own pace, and Fjällräven manages the logistical elements such as transport and route planning. The aim of the Fjällräven Classic is to prepare people for a more fulfilling and conscious outdoor experience. The memories that participants receive during the trek give them the much-needed confidence, knowledge and standards of behavior for successful empathy with the wild.

Trekking events of this type are also intriguing from the point of view of individuality. In their study, Daniel Wolf-Watz of the European Institute for Tourism Research (etour) and Thomas H. Berry of Christianstad University explore how outdoor events can create opportunities to promote environmental concerns. Like other nature enthusiasts, Daniel and Thomas often seek solitude in nature and are curious why people want to join group events such as the Fjällräven Classic. When surveying the participants in the multi-day hike, they found that participation in such an event can increase interest in nature and confidence in carrying out outdoor activities. Such events can also give people the opportunity to be more responsible to their surroundings.

This year’s edition of the trekking event will be of a combined type. The Swedish brand will simultaneously support the online format Fjällräven Classic TV, which will start in 2020, but also plans the possibility of conducting field treks.

As we take a closer look at the situation in 2021, for now we can expect that the various Fjällräven Classic events around the world will be challenging to plan and implement in accordance with local regulations.

For news regarding the 2021 edition of the Fjällräven Classic, you can visit the official Fjallraven website. All videos for the 2020 edition are available on the brand’s official channel here.

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