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Huertas, a source of health

Huertas, a source of health

Food, the main source of energy for our body, is also a source of disease and discomfort. The safer the food, the healthier a person will be. Due to industrialization and environmental degradation, the quality of available food also degrades. The excessive use of insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers has increased the quantity of food quantitatively but not qualitatively. When a consumer eats a food produced by the excessive use of chemicals, the consumer’s health is on the verge of vulnerability. Therefore, the provision of safe and healthy food is a big problem, organically grown fruits and vegetables are the most beneficial for health and to produce organically grown food, home garden or gardening is the most reliable activity. It is a hobby and also a necessity for health conscious people.

In home gardening, plants are grown for home consumption, mainly home gardening is considered as growing vegetables for home consumption, but home gardening is more than just vegetable production. The vegetable garden or home gardening is an art, technology and technique to maintain nature and grow fruits, vegetables, spices, condiments and medicinal herbs in a family home, for home consumption or in any way for use in the kitchen. It is said that there are certain limitations for the practice of the garden, that this system must include a single-family house, which has a recreational area or a garden, to practice this technique but, our point of view, that it can also be practiced on rooftops by using containers and flowerpots.

If there is no availability of space on the ground, this healthy gardening activity can be practiced on the roofs of houses by using flower pots and containers. The need for free time for the establishment and management of the garden is a considerable factor; A person can only dedicate time to this gardening activity if they have an interest in it, so developing an interest in gardening is a key factor in the establishment and management of home gardens. To practice the garden activity, one must know the skills to establish and manage a garden. Therefore, space, time, interest and skills are some of the main aspects required for the establishment of home gardens.

When thinking of a home kitchen / garden, the main reason that comes to mind is the provision of healthy and nutritious food, but the benefits of a home kitchen / garden are much more than that. Garden plants and their various colors stimulate healthy brain activity. The color green can also act positively to improve the efficiency of the brain. Children and young people should also participate in such practices; in this way they can increase their exposure to the consumption of fruits and vegetables. To increase the participation of children and youth in garden-related activities, garden-based educational programs are needed. These garden-based educational programs will increase healthy eating behavior in children and youth, leading to a healthy and self-aware generation.

Housewives can also practice the garden technique. They can adopt this technique as a hobby; By gardening, you can reduce your daily expenses and ensure the provision of healthier, more nutritious, cheaper and quality vegetables for your family.

Therefore, it can be concluded that home gardens or home gardens can play a vital role in reducing health hazards and can ensure the provision of healthy and nutritious vegetables.

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