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How to find your perfect match through dream interpretation

How to find your perfect match through dream interpretation

The world distorted the meaning of dreams so much that today most people think that dreams have no meaning. They believe that those who are trying to find meaning in dreams are simply imagining that disorganized and confused dream images are giving them information. However, the translation of the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method is not based on the imagination of the dream interpreter.

Carl Jung managed to discover the meaning of the symbolic dream language after conducting arduous and complex research. He could understand the logic of the dream.

The meaning of dreams follows a different logic, which is organized in a totally different way. You cannot understand the meaning of a dream if you look at it from the logic of your consciousness. You must follow the reasoning system of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

He could better understand the logic of the dream and clear up all the dark spots that exist in Jung’s work. That is why I am giving you simple lessons, helping you to immediately use this knowledge to your advantage. Now that I simplified the dream language, you can easily understand how to translate the meaning of dreams and understand God’s words in dream images.

Scientific translations respect the meaning that the unconscious gives to the dream images that it uses to send secret messages to our human consciousness. Dream images are unconscious words. Each image has a specific meaning and gives information to the dreamer.

There are numerous details in a dream image. The unconscious mind gives different definitions for everything that appears in a dream. The symbolic dream language uses the images of your daily reality to give you messages on different matters.

When you learn the meaning of the various dream symbols, you can understand the language of dreams. You must also follow unconscious logic to fully translate the meaning of a dream.

The unconscious mind links images that are not related when we look at them based on the logic of our consciousness. However, these images are related when translated based on unconscious logic. We can clearly understand its meaning. All the dream images are very well organized, but they follow an organization based on different criteria.

By translating the meaning of dream images based on the scientific method, you will follow a process of mental empowerment, which also works as spiritual purification; All at the same time.

The symbolic language of dreams helps you in every way. You can learn to safely use the full power of your brain. You can also find your perfect partner. Dream messages help you develop the positive characteristics of your personality.

You will have a series of dreams that will give you information on matters important to you. The unconscious mind will show you many details that you ignore. Then it will change its behavior based on unconscious guidance.

For example, here is a part of a dream dreamed by a young woman and my translations:

“I’m walking across the bridge (the bridge for pedestrians to cross a wide street).”

When you cross a bridge in a dream, this means that you will meet your anti-consciousness on the other side of the bridge. This meeting means that you will verify that you have an absurd conscience and you will truly believe in its existence.

Right now you know that you have an absurd and evil consciousness that did not evolve like your human consciousness because you are studying the meaning of your dreams. However, you still haven’t met your anti-conscience. You have to see in yourself the evil and absurd consciousness that you have inherited, so that you can truly believe that it is part of you.

You will stop looking at yourself as you do now. You will remember that there is a negative content within you that you must eliminate through awareness.

The fact that this bridge is over a wide road and not over a river means that there is great danger in the process. This is a dangerous bridge, more dangerous than a bridge over a river.

This means that the encounter with your anti-conscience is very dangerous for you. You will be surprised by this discovery. This means that until today you couldn’t believe that a ‘logical’ person like you could be absurd in so many ways. You can’t admit that you have a wild side.

‘A man dressed in black with a black mask on his face walks in the opposite direction’

The color black represents the acceptance of the bad.

The man without a face in dreams represents your perfect partner, in other words, the man of your life, the perfect man for you. You will feel that this man is part of you.

The fact that you can’t see his face means that until today you haven’t met him yet. You will meet this man in the future, but you must be prepared to meet him so that you can have a perfect relationship with him after meeting your perfect partner.

The fact that his face was covered by a mask indicates that you will have to discover it behind the mask of a man who pretends to accept what is bad, and also has the social image (black clothes) of who accepts what he is. bad.

The clothes that one wears in dreams reflects the social image of a person; what this person shows to their social environment about themselves.

The clothes you wear present you as a person who accepts the bad, but that is not true. He does not accept the bad; just pretend to. The clothes you wear in dreams simply show the world your social mask, not who you really are, but what you want the world to believe about you.

So the fact that this man wears black may mean that he wants to be seen as accepting what is bad, even though he doesn’t really accept what is bad. However, it can also mean that you accept what is bad for some reason.

Acceptance of what is bad is positive when you accept what is bad for yourself to help others, but this acceptance is negative when you accept immorality and violence without criticizing your attitude.

‘- so we walk towards each other.’

You represent your ego in dreams.

This man represents your perfect partner. You walk towards each other over a dangerous bridge that will help you find your anti-conscience and understand that you must fight against the absurd. This means that the encounter with your anti-conscience and the transformation of your personality is helping you prepare to meet the man of your life. In other words, meeting your perfect partner depends on the transformation of your personality.

The unconscious mind is showing you in this part of the dream that because you are transforming your personality and changing your behavior, you can finally find your perfect match.

However, you are still at the beginning. You still don’t know who he is, there are many things you must learn (you can’t see his face).

You also have to completely transform your personality, so that you can have a perfect relationship. You must be a mature and confident woman.

“ When he passes me I try to catch him, I snatch his coat. ”

Your ego wants to catch your perfect match before you are ready to meet him, and before you meet your anti-conscience on the other side of the bridge.

The coat in dreams represents protection against dangers and a protected social image.

The fact that you snatch his coat means that your ego stole his protection.

He’s hiding, even though he’s coming your way.

‘but he eludes me anyway.’

It escapes you because before knowing it you have to meet your anti-conscience and recognize your absurdity. This is necessary so that you can agree to change your behavior, rather than doing everything as you do now.

‘Next: Turns out it was a dream’

The dream in dreams has no symbolic meaning.

This means that the unconscious mind was showing you that your dreams are helping you find your perfect match. This will happen when you transform your personality.

You have to be patient.

You have to follow psychotherapy for a certain period of time. You have to become a wise and sensitive woman if you want to meet your perfect partner and have a perfect love relationship with him.

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