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Gym Equipment Review: The Reebok i-Rower S Rowing Machine

Gym Equipment Review: The Reebok i-Rower S Rowing Machine

As kids, haven’t most of us had a rowboat ride? Perhaps you even felt a sense of freedom, especially if your wise adult companion allowed you to “propel” the boat yourself. Although you didn’t know it then, rowing is a practically ideal form of exercise. It is low impact, unlike running, which can have a severe impact on your bones and joints. It is done sitting, so you are quite comfortable and relaxed. Rowing is a form of resistance exercise that targets all major muscle groups and provides cardiovascular benefits to the heart and lungs. So what’s stopping you from starting? If you just need a high-quality gym equipment machine, read on for a great rower from Reebok, the i-Rower S.

Gym equipment: key features of the Reebok i-Rower S

As part of Reebok’s respected I-Series CV line, this machine offers great value with exceptionally smooth movement that truly emulates rowing in a boat. This is a piece of magnetic wired gym equipment that is designed to raise your heart rate and keep it within the correct zone for the most effective workout in the shortest amount of time. If you’re looking for a quick way to work up to an astonishing 84% of your muscles, take a serious look at the i-Rower S. If you’re using a Polar heart rate monitor, connecting it to the rower is a breeze. Once this is done, you will be able to track your heart rate each time you exercise on the i-Rower S.

Gym equipment – more about the Reebok i-Rower S

The i-Rower S has all the features that the most demanding riders have come to respect, including a full rowing action that is achieved using a long seat rail. The rower is ergonomically designed to encourage and reinforce proper rowing form for maximum aerobic and muscular benefits. This is sensible fitness equipment that will help you reach your fitness goals quickly and without risk of serious injury. The rower has the M-Force braking system and the steering wheel weighs 6 kg. The LCD computer screen is informative and easy to read. Shows speed, time, distance, calories, pulse and RPM. A unique fitness testing program assesses you based on target time, distance, and calories burned.

Gym Equipment: Final Thoughts on the Reebok i-Rower S

You should know that the user weight limit for the i-Rower S is 120 kg. It measures 201x73x75.5cm. Although it is compatible with Polar heart rate monitors, you will need to provide your own chest strap. Rowing is a great way to burn calories. A vigorous workout on the i-Rower S can burn up to 500 to 800 calories per hour. Using the rowing machine will help you build lean muscle mass, which burns calories more efficiently, so as you replace fat with muscle, your weight will continue to decrease.

Fitness equipment like the Reebok i-Rower S is a great way to change up your exercise regimen with a different and enjoyable aerobic exercise.

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