Cat breeding practices – "Cage" Compromise the health of cats

Cat breeding practices – "Cage" Compromise the health of cats

Any cat-breeding practice that places pedigree felines in cages 24/7 dramatically interferes with that kitten’s health. It is not natural or normal for a cat to be in a cage all day. A cat needs to exercise and act like a cat.

Imagine spending your entire life caged in such a small space that you couldn’t move your arms or turn around. That is the sad life of all our pedigree cats that are used for breeding all over the world. Pedigree felines are often confined in such small spaces that they cannot live their natural way of life walking on all 4 legs. These unnatural practices compromise their immune system, so to keep the cat looking healthy, antibiotics are injected, damaging the integrity of the feline’s health.

These unnatural pedigree feline caging practices are promoted by the fantasy cat community who are involved with pedigree cat breeding. Cat breeding practices promote diseases in felines that would not otherwise occur if the feline were free all day to roam the owners’ home.

To test what I’m saying, let’s put a cat breeder in a cage with enough room to sit, walk a few steps, defecate and eat. If it is not healthy for a human cat breeder, it is certainly not healthy for a feline cat.

Wondering why you read so many complaints from pedigree cat buyers who always complain that they “bought a sick cat”? When the consumer goes to the cat breeder’s house to buy the cat or kitten, the cat looks good. The reason is that the cat breeder has the feline on high doses of antibiotics. Problems arise after the kitten arrives at its new home. Within 24 hours or less, the cat will show signs of her illness that were suppressed by the large doses of antibiotics administered by the cat breeder. The kitten was sick before the consumer bought this cat. The antibiotics simply manipulated it to trick the buyer into making the sale.

Very famous breeders keep their queens on antibiotics throughout their pregnancy. So you wonder why kittens are so sickly. If a woman received any kind of medicine during her pregnancy, it is very dangerous. Not so with these cat breeders. They have totally destroyed the integrity of the immune system of pedigree cats by all the medications they make, because they don’t know what natural foods to feed and they don’t know how to care for cats in general. Cat breeders have completely destroyed our pedigree cats. How sad is that? It’s really sad.

CFA and all other cat registries state that they care about the welfare of felines everywhere. That is a ruse. These cat registries and the entire cat breeding community have no interest in the welfare of cats. Their only interest and passion is to line their pockets with the money they make from the sales of their cats. And keep attending cat fairs to win those greedy ribbons to feed their insatiable egos that their cats are the “best.” Be boastful and say, “my cat is better than yours.” It is just an adult game of gossip and fight of cats addicted to felines and then they become cat hoarders.

And for those cat exhibitors who say they don’t make money selling kittens. They will say that they go out even because of all the expenses of just having a kennel. They insist on spending all that money to have that kennel. Because everyone has to outdo each other. Not everyone believes that they do not earn money. They make a lot of cash. But they make most of their money once their cat / kitten gets their coveted title of Champion or Grand Champion etc. They can then sell the kittens for thousands of outrageous prices to other cat breeders and newbies who want to become breeders.

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