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Ethnic Home Decor

Ethnic style is a trend that prioritizes natural objects and craftsmanship from multiple cultures. It can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor environments. It can also be combined with other styles. Wall hangings, embroidered cushions and carved furniture can give the ethnic look to your rooms. In the kitchen, wrought iron and brassware are perfect accessories.

Ethnic style decoration is a trend based on details inspired by different cultures that generate a sense of warmth and closeness with nature. Although mainly used in indoor environments, this decorative style can also be adapted to patios and terraces thanks to the natural and rustic character of its accessories, furniture and ornaments.

To decorate with this style, you must choose objects that represent the culture whose characteristics you are trying to reproduce. For example, in the Mexican style, cacti are an excellent option, due to their green color and the fact that they remind us of our desert surroundings. Or, in the African style, handmade plates painted with contrasting colors or Inca figures are perfect accessories for decorating walls.

Buy Ethnic Home Decor Online in USA

You can find many of these accessories in your favorite local Ethnic Decor Store in USA. But, if you prefer a more generic and eclectic style, you can look for these details in mass-produced fabrics, wall coverings or accessories.
Ethnic Interior Design

Ethnic interior design offers an ideal way to bring a touch of personality to home decor. Decorative objects, ornaments and folk art blend various cultures with modern ideas to create a cozy atmosphere. The color combinations are bold and kaleidoscopic, creating a unique style.

The ethnic decoration trend uses natural materials and is based on the idea of incorporating decorations with a link to nature. This can be achieved through the use of wood or jute furniture, as well as by introducing plants with a natural color. The ethnic style is also characterized by its color palette, which differs depending on the chosen culture. For example, the colors used in African countries are more saturated and vibrant, while those in European styles are lighter.

The ethnic decor also includes rugs and carpets that can help to enhance the look of your room. They can be placed in the living room, bedroom or even the dining area.

Ethnic style is a trend that can easily be applied to outdoor environments. Its closeness with nature and craftsmanship make it possible to decorate a patio or terrace in a sophisticated ethno-chic atmosphere. The rattan chairs of Senegal or West Africa, African hand-made fabrics (like Malian bogolans or West Africa pagnes tisses), cacti and baskets are some of the best decorative elements to create this look.

A touch of ethnicity can also be added with the right lighting. Hanging lanterns and lights with a wrought iron frame can bring to mind the suspended atmosphere of Riads or Moroccan palaces. The luminous material nuances of our porcelain stoneware tiles also help recreate the lush ambiance of these courtyards. You can also add a hammock, some succulent plants or a beautiful tent-like structure like the one shown in this picture. The ambiance will be even more charming with the addition of some colorful cushions. Adding some metal wall art with geometric shapes can further enhance the ethnicity of your space.

Ethnic style decorations are perfect for bringing a touch of ethnicity to any room. The most important element to consider when decorating in this style is the use of natural materials. Wicker baskets and handloom cushions are great examples of this type of decor. Decorative items that feature geometric figures and zigzags are also ideal. These pieces can be mixed and matched to give the room a more varied look.

Another popular choice for ethnic decor is patterned or block printed fabrics. These are often used for curtains and bed sheets. In addition to this, you can also choose embroidered cushions for the living area and a patterned rug for the bedroom. If you are a fan of the cactus, this is a good option for indoor plants. This plant has a strong link with Mexican culture. In addition, it is easy to care for and maintain. It is best to place it near a window so that it can receive natural sunlight.

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