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Boost your mood with a dry body brush

Boost your mood with a dry body brush

Do you have the blues? Have you felt bad and you can’t go out and you don’t see how? Try dry body brushing (dry skin brushing) as a quick and effective way to remove sadness. Dry brushing has many benefits, one of which is the invigorating feeling that results from brushing. Your skin, blood, and overall health benefit from doing this for just a few minutes each day before you shower.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, but most of the time it is neglected. We rarely think about what we can do to take care of it other than slather on some cream. Dry body brushing is the most natural and effective way to start seeing and feeling full-body results right away.

Some benefits:

  • Activate your heart rate
  • Improve your mood and energy
  • Blood and lymph circulate throughout the body.
  • Removes dead skin
  • Tones the skin and helps with cellulite
  • Helps eliminate toxins by accelerating waste removal.

When the brush begins to dry, your heart rate will increase slightly so that the blood flows in the morning and invigorates you. The sensation of brushing, in addition to getting the blood flowing, lifts your mood immediately. You’ll feel energized and ready to go, and once you shower you’ll feel like a whole new and renewed person.

Consider that your lymph is part of your body’s filtration system, moving nutrient cells through the blood and expelling toxins. Helping your lymphatic system function at its optimal level helps eliminate toxic buildup in your blood, cells, and organs. You will begin to cleanse your body internally simply by brushing the exterior.

As a bonus, dead skin cells will shed and fresh new skin will be revealed. Dry body brushing does more than just a stronger chemical peel, it seems to “wake up the skin” from the inside out and you’ll notice a whole new glow and feel after a few days of doing it. Also, it is natural and doing what is natural instead of using harsh chemicals is always best for your body.

Some claim that dry brushing improves the appearance of cellulite or even dissolves it by removing the toxins that are said to cause it. Whether or not this occurs, you will see improvements in the tone, color and texture of your skin looking its best.

Which brush to use

It’s easy to find a dry brush that is suitable for brushing your entire body. They can be easily found in many grocery and health food stores in the bathroom or beauty sections. You will probably find a diverse selection of brushes, but don’t be overwhelmed by worrying about the choice. Just choose a body brush with natural bristles and a long handle. Most natural brushes have a wooden handle instead of the plastic handle that many synthetic brushes have.

A quick read of the attached labels, or asking store employees for help, will help you find a natural bristle brush. You may also want a very small brush specifically designed for your face, as the large brush will be too large, cumbersome, and too harsh for your delicate facial tissue. Most basic natural brushes can be purchased cheaply for less than $ 10.00 (US).


It is highly recommended to start with a warm room, as it will make you feel better while you brush all your bare skin. If you have a heat lamp, heat vent, or heated floor, turn it on for a few minutes before stepping into the shower to dry the brush. It will feel like a warm hug as you pamper yourself with brushing. Think of it as a 5 minute spa experience every day and something you give yourself as an enriching gift. You will feel warm and invigorated by the entire experience of each day.

How to dry your body with a brush

It doesn’t matter if you choose to brush head to toe or head to toe, as long as the brush strokes move towards your heart. You want to move the lymph back to the heart so that it circulates throughout your system. You also want to avoid damaging the lymphatic or blood vessels and causing varicose veins through undue pressure in the wrong direction of the vessels.

Just start stroking the brush on your skin. A good long, forceful blow to the heart is best without applying unnecessary pressure. You don’t have to go out of your way to apply more pressure than the brushing action requires.

Simply continue brushing in an up-down or bottom-up motion toward your heart over your entire body. Use counterclockwise motions on your stomach towards your heart. When you’re done, turn on the shower and flush out dead skin cells and toxins on the surface of your body. Some recommend a jet of cold water at the end of the shower to close the pores of the skin and increase the vigor and health benefits. This will be your preference to “cool blast” or not.

If you feel like taking more than 5 minutes to brush your skin every day, start extending the amount of time. Fifteen minutes is optimal and very beneficial, but even five minutes will greatly improve your physical and mental health. A good rule of thumb to start with would be 7-10 hits per area to start.

Never brush so much that your skin turns red. If you see redness on your skin, you may be applying too much pressure or brushing for too long, so reduce both and see if it improves. Again, with proper brushing technique, redness should never occur. You may see your skin temporarily red from increased blood circulation to the surface, but that disappears very quickly as you move to the next area.

Taking care of your brush

Remember to clean your brush as often as you prefer, but once or twice a week is suggested. Just use a natural soap, one without chemicals, to gently clean the bristles and hang to dry. That’s it.

By starting this simple and inexpensive regiment every day, you should see your mood improve, your skin glow, and your overall health improve. After a month of doing this, the benefits will be pretty obvious, so take the time to see the little improvements each day and know that you are helping your body heal, rejuvenate and your mind will love you for it too!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of a medical professional for any medical treatment.

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