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8 things to consider before buying a marine GPS unit

8 things to consider before buying a marine GPS unit

Today, navigation is going through a revolution thanks to marine GPS units. This global positioning unit is useful for both beginners and experts. These devices allow you to track the coordinates when you are in the water. You can easily navigate without worrying about getting lost. As a result, you can enjoy smoother navigation as there will be no need for maps and the like.

Marine GPS units offer many functions. In this article, we are going to talk about some important factors that can help you get your hands on the right unit.

1. Connectivity to various satellites

First of all, it is important to note that these units connect to a minimum of 12 satellites in order for them to function properly. This is important for accuracy. A high-quality device makes use of the 24 satellites to offer the best service.

2. Display screen

If the GPS unit has a large screen, it will be easier for you to read the screen. Also, some units can read the design from the bottom of the lake or ocean. In this way you will be able to know the location of shallow areas and rocks in the sea. If the screen is big enough, reading all this information will be much easier.

3. Portability

Depending on your personal preferences, you can opt for a large or portable unit. Portable models are also available. Again, these devices are safe and convenient as they are small. However, it is important to note that portable devices do not have many mapping functions. In addition, they have a small screen.

Larger units offer a larger screen and many features. For example, you can see everything without any problem on an 8-inch screen. These removable units are easy to fit into any vehicle when not in use.

4. Computer connectivity

GPS systems allow you to save different types of information such as waypoints, maps, and routes. Apart from this, you can also download additional maps. To access this data, make sure your device can be connected to a computer wirelessly or via one way.

5. Antenna port

Many GPS units have built-in antennas. They are compact but not impressive reception wise. Therefore, you may want to go for a device that has an external antenna. Alternatively, you can get one that comes with a port for antenna installation. With good reception, you can enjoy more accurate maps and forecasts.

6. Voice activated

Sometimes sailing requires you to get help from other colleagues. For this purpose, you may want to get a device that can receive verbal commands in addition to manual commands.

7. Waterproof

Most GPS systems are waterproof. But it is important to note that they are not completely waterproof. When it rains cats and dogs, the unit is likely to get wet. Therefore, you should invest in a device that is 100% waterproof.

8. Mapping system

When it comes to the mapping system, marine GPS units come in three types. Each type has many characteristics; however, they all have at least the basic features.

So be sure to consider these features before purchasing a unit.

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