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5 positive steps to take to make your boyfriend realize his mistake: how to win him over right now

When you argue with your boyfriend, emotions build up and you break up, these emotions continue after the breakup and with your emotions running high, you are bound to make a mistake when you try to get your ex boyfriend back. Here are 5 positive steps to take so that you can make your boyfriend realize that it was a mistake to leave you.

1. Let it go No, I don’t mean to give it up. I mean stay hidden for a while, until you can control your emotions, let it settle for a while before you bombard yourself with it again.

2. Stop chasing him Men love the thrill of the chase, with him chasing and not the other way around. It is possible that he took you for granted and got bored with you, which is why he broke up with you. Act like you accept the breakup and don’t get upset.

3. Get on with your life Life doesn’t stop just because you broke up, so move on with your life, stay with friends, find a new interest if you think it will work for you. When your ex finds out about this, he’ll wonder how you did it and he’ll be interested again.

4. Play hard to get This part won’t be easy as you do want to be with him, but as he tries to get back with you, don’t take that opportunity, make him take a little bit of it, this will make him appreciate you more if he were. to ‘work for it’.

5. Balance your life As you may have discovered by now, life does not revolve around your guy. To have a life, with and without him. Balance your own interest and your love life, this will make the relationship stronger and happier in the end.

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