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5 digital marketing basics you should know in 2019

5 digital marketing basics you should know in 2019

Digital marketing consists of many strategies. In fact, it is a holistic approach to conducting different types of marketing activities on different online platforms. These methods are regularly updated as new technologies emerge around the world. Therefore, digital marketing has grown significantly in recent years. If you are new to this field, you may want to read the digital marketing basics explained below.

1. Invest in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

First of all, artificial intelligence (AI) will be quite popular in the coming years. Machine learning is another important part of digital marketing.

In the near future, social media bots will play a huge role when it comes to connecting with potential customers. Therefore, you may want to give social media more importance if you want to communicate with your customers effectively. According to experts, around 85% of customers will interact with bots to get the information they need.

2. Share your videos on social media

In 2019, be sure to share your company videos on different social media platforms. Unlike images or written content, a good video is more effective in capturing your visitors’ attention. This is really important if you are going to market on the leading platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

According to the latest research, 80% of people like to watch videos on the Internet. They don’t want so much to read articles or blog posts.

3. Optimize your sites for mobile devices

In 2019, your marketing strategies should also focus on mobile technology. Based on the latest Google algorithm, your site must be optimized for mobile phones or you may receive a penalty from Google.

Today, mobile phones are one of the most popular devices in the world. The new year will grow mobile video consumption by up to 30%. On the other hand, the demand for desktops and laptops will continue to decline.

4. Consider mobile apps

In the world of digital marketing, mobile technology is the latest innovation. In fact, it is one of the most effective digital marketing tools in the here and now.

With the help of this cellular technology, you can compete with your competitors to stay ahead in the field. Without a doubt, if you have a mobile responsive website, you can grow your business to a great extent.

Therefore, you may also want to take advantage of mobile applications. One of those applications is the WhatsApp business. According to one source, mobile apps have generated $ 88 billion or so in recent years.

5. Focus on the customer experience

For your business, customers play the same role as your blood in your body. Therefore, it is important that you work on the consumer experience. This will help you increase your sales over time.

If your customers are satisfied with your products or services, they will keep coming back for more.

So these are the tips you might want to consider to improve your digital marketing campaigns in 2019.

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