What do you say to the family?

Marlene tells the story of a Klerksdorp doctor who struggled financially as a student. His brother, who had already qualified as a doctor, would occasionally leave money in his Bible without saying anything. Therefore, he made sure to read his Bible every night.

What a nice story. That is what brothers and sisters should do for each other. When I was studying, my brother used to do this for me too. I still remember how she realized that I was crazy about Renata, but when I was a student I didn’t have the money to buy her dinner. So, he made a reservation at a romantic little place in Cape Town, and he pressed his credit card into my pocket with the words, “Go and enjoy!”

Yes, that’s what the family does. The family wants the best for others. They must draw closer to each other and help each other on life’s journey. We were all put into a particular family so that we can take care of and support each other whenever we can.

We learn this from our older brother, Jesus: 12 … I will tell my good friends, my brothers and sisters, everything I know about you; I will join them in worship and praise for you.

Jesus knows God. You also know what God means to people. He knows that God is the answer to our problems. If Jesus had been on earth in a time of the COVID-19 virus, his message would have been very simple. Don’t trust your wallets. Don’t think you can buy health. Don’t trust the church or the doctor.

No, trust God. He is the only you can Trust that he will be by your side through thick and thin. Jesus will encourage us, that we are his brothers and sisters, to say how great God really is and that the virus really has no value compared to the power of God. God is so much bigger and stronger. He is in control.

When Jesus was on earth, He did exactly this. He told everyone about God. He told everyone about his plan of salvation. He told everyone what they must do to also have Eternal Life one day.

That’s what brothers do. That’s what sisters do.

What a pity that in some families, huge prehistoric rocks have carved a gap, and in some cases a crater, between brothers and sisters. In a way, as a result, brothers and sisters don’t talk to each other; they cannot, and cannot, say anything.

Each of us has been instructed to carry the good message to all of our brothers and sisters, in flesh and spirit. Please note that this instruction has been given to all of us. When you accept Jesus as your Savior, you become your brother or sister, and the rest of Jesus’ brothers and sisters become your own family. And we are not silent about the family.

Maybe one of your family members has made some bad decisions in your life and maybe, just maybe Jesus wants to use it to help you get back on the right path. Come on, take his account!

Holy Scripture

Hebrews 2: 10-13


Who are your brothers and sisters?

Who do you need to go with and fix things?

Who should you go to and tell the news?


Jesus, thank you for being our older brother and for not shutting up the good news. Help me take the bull by the horns to follow my instructions. Amen.

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