Turn up the heat with the Nintendo Wii Fit balance board

Nintendo has taken the concept of gaming as an exercise to a new level with the inclusion of the Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board. This peripheral can tell you exactly how well or how badly you are doing with your various activities. As such, Nintendo heavily markets this groundbreaking title as a combination of fitness and fun. For the most part, it really works. It is a good alternative for those who are tired of repeating going to the gym or too self-conscious to join a yoga or aerobics class.

The Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board is the core of the Wii experience. This sleek-looking but surprisingly strong peripheral that features multiple internal scales is capable of detecting changes in weight and pressure while standing on it. The Nintendo Balance Board is a bit bulky and weighs approximately 8.8 pounds (4 kgs); and interacts wirelessly with the Wii, and takes four AA batteries (which are included). The Wii Balance Board has four rubber feet to prevent it from slipping on smooth surfaces.

The main drawback of the Balance Board is that it is expensive at a cost of about $ 90. So, if you add additional peripherals, such as batteries and balanced board covers, you will definitely end up with an unbalanced checkbook.

You can save money by searching for sales. Identify stores that offer reward points or even consider buying a used board in good condition. Second, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it, avoid the extras. Lastly, you may find that your Wii with Balance Board is so much fun that you can’t get enough of it. That is why it is recommended that you invest in rechargeable batteries. You will save and enjoy in the long run!

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