College financial aid: stacking the odds in your favor

If you plan to go to college, probably one of your biggest concerns is how you are going to pay for it. As you know, debt is a big problem for college students these days, especially those who attend private institutions where personal debt can easily climb to over $ 100,000. Due to the debt problem, financial aid for college […]

Parvovirus – The Puppy Killer

Canine parvovirus was first diagnosed in 1978. Due to its strength and mobility, the virus proceeded to spread around the world in less than 2 years. Parvovirus is a virus that mutates. Some feel that it is a virus that has mutated from the feline distemper virus. Whatever the case, this extremely contagious virus has mutated several times since its […]

More comebacks than Rocky

Having won 10 Premier League titles, three FA Cups, two League Cups, two Champions League titles and five FA Community Shields, Paul Scholes’ passion for Manchester United is unequivocal. He made a winning return to the team last season, but will his decision to put his boots back on prove to be the correct one? Let’s take a look at […]

Key in key lime pie

Key West Florida is famous for two things: Ernest Hemingway’s home (with his 6-toed cats) and Key lime pie, named after the limes that grow in the Florida Keys. A favorite American dessert made with lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, and egg yolks, the traditional “Conch version” uses egg whites to make a meringue topping. Limes are smaller, more acidic, […]

Risk Loans: Babson MBAs Get Insight on Risk Debt Financing

Recently, several students from Babson College’s MBA program called to request an interview. They were researching the venture debt market and wanted an inside look at how this segment compares to venture capital. His questions were thoughtful and I thought the discussion was worth sharing. An excerpt from the interview appears below: Q. How are Venture Loans (BV) different from […]

How to avoid the risks of a tie

Ties are commonly worn as part of men’s dress code, from everyday office casual wear to formal corporate business appeal. Probably not all men are comfortable wearing them. However, many, including men, may not be aware of possible tie-induced problems and accidents. Ties, when worn correctly, will significantly reduce the chance of developing them. Here are some simple guidelines to […]

The biggest problems with knives and cutlery

Looking back, knives were first used millions of years ago as essential tools made first of all from rock and flint. It was through technology that copper, bronze, steel, ceramic and titanium blades have evolved along with the practicality of flint as an effective cutting instrument. These have inspired the production of a wide range of different patterns and styles […]

The Fuel and Electric Showdown

The history of the automobile emphasizes luxury, comfort and aesthetics over performance, power, speed and safety. This is true for your original need: transportation and transportation. However, if we consider buying a car with more horsepower that is safe for everyday use and provides more mileage, gasoline cars are the best option, both for roads and racetracks. The theory is […]