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Mental, physical and emotional illnesses can be the result of past life trauma

He has suffered from emotional and mental disorders since he was a young child. At the same time, it cannot pinpoint the reasons and where these major problems arose. You may recall some troublesome childhood moments, but nothing enough to cause you deep grief the way you do. All you know is that you’ve always felt tortured inside. He has been to doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. and he’s been drinking drug cocktails. She was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias, even physical illnesses, and has suffered from low self-esteem. The reason for this is unknown and deep down he feels it is due to more than just having chemical imbalances in his brain. And even though he has been through years of therapy and medication, he is still suffering as much as he did before seeking the solution of his problems.

If the trauma did not originate in your childhood, then when did it arise?

When people hit rock bottom due to their inner suffering, they will begin to look deeper because they are desperate to find peace. Many people end up finding their Higher Power or God and that alone is enough to help them find peace. But I would say that the vast majority who believe in reincarnation begin to examine their past lives to find answers to their suffering. It is then that they begin to believe that their suffering did not start in their current lives and stemmed from traumatic events that happened to them in previous lives.

How can people find out about their previous lives?

There are a variety of ways that people can discover their previous lives. They can turn to hypnotherapists who specialize in past life regression to help them access past life memories that are buried in their subconscious. People can also get past life astrology readings that can tell all about their previous life experiences. Mediums who can read previous lives can help those who want to uncover any trauma they have experienced in previous lives. For those who are confident enough to do so, they can get a set of self-hypnotic CDs and learn to tap into their subconscious memories of the past for themselves by listening to the instructions.

Even if people discover a traumatic past life event that was the cause of their current life suffering, will they heal?

Once people find out about something traumatic that happened to them in their later lives, it gives them the peace of mind of knowing why they are suffering so much in their current life. However, healing is a process and while someone is healing from the pain or torture of past lives, there will be raw feelings and experiences that they will have. These experiences and feelings, while reconciled with memories of torture from past lives, can last for years. However, it is absolutely possible for anyone to recover from the pain of the past. That also depends on the individual. Some people are afraid of facing painful subconscious memories and therefore end up staying in their comfort zones and suffering at the same time.

People have gone through past life trauma in different lives. However, those who suffered trauma due to previous lives that were recent will suffer the most. For example, most reincarnated victims of the Holocaust face much internal pain and suffering for “unknown” reasons. However, once they find out that they were in the Holocaust in their previous lives, many of them will make an effort to heal and recover again.

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