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Do you want a six pack? Interval training is your secret weapon

Here’s a truth most trainers don’t want you to know: interval training will help you reveal your abs FASTER than doing endless sit-ups or constant cardio. The intense nature of interval training gets your heart rate up, speeds up your metabolism, and burns stubborn fat around your abdominal muscles.

You can do interval training with cardio exercises like sprinting, cycling, shadow boxing, or jumping rope. You can also perform intervals with dumbbells, bodyweight, or kettlebells. The point is that you find a way to get your heart rate up for a short, intense period of time.

But even if you lose all the fat around your abs, it won’t make them “jump.” By “jumping” you won’t be able to see them without flexing your abs hard. Now, you don’t want to go around flexing your abs all day.

That will only make you look constipated. Then what do you do?

You need to focus on more difficult abdominal movements to add some functional muscle to your abs. Sit-ups and sit-ups just aren’t enough. Stick to stability ball jackknives, leg curls, crunches, and planks.

A very common question I see on forums is, “How many sit-ups should I do before I see my abs?” Well, it doesn’t work like that. To see your abs, you absolutely need to combine good eating strategies, full-body exercises, and challenging abdominal movements.

Oh, and don’t forget interval training! That is your secret weapon to burn all the stubborn fat.

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