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Born teachers

It really amazes me that with the economy going the way it is, many people are retiring early and thinking that they will become teachers now because anyone can do it.
Well, in my opinion, they are wrong.

There are people who have the gift of teaching. They understand that they will never win a million, but that doesn’t matter because they understand that seeing the light from a child’s eye when they “get it” is worth more. They know they will have to fight for every 1-3% raise they get, but they need to prepare the lesson for tomorrow before starting that fight because kids are where their priority lies. They understand that there will be little to no praise for their efforts from their students, parents, or the administration because they are. They know that they are expected to be miracle workers even though they can only control what is happening to that student 8 hours a day.

Born teachers understand that a child’s life outside of school is none of their business; there is nothing they can do about it. Aside from the signs of child abuse, they can’t intervene if there’s a divorce, or alcoholic parents, or there’s no food in the house – they can and have been going to school kitchens for years and begging for something to give to little Johnny because came to school. hungry. But they can help that child be successful when they walk through the school gates. They can make that child feel worthy of something for at least a few hours of the day and that’s what they try to do on a daily basis. They gently touch a child’s shoulder and say “Way to go.” They lean in and whisper into a child’s ear, “Good job, keep it up.” They look at the work and give a big smile and say “I knew you could.”

Natural teachers understand that classroom management is the most important part of teaching, because if they cannot control the learning environment, there will be no learning. Learning cannot take place in a classroom of undisciplined and disruptive students. Learning cannot take place in a classroom where students do not respect themselves, others, the teacher, or the rules. Natural born teachers will teach and set rules during the first days and weeks of school so students know how to act and the consequences if they don’t act that way. Teachers who teach will teach their students from day one that they, the students, make the decision by what they choose or decide not to do. Your actions will result in a good consequence or a bad consequence, and the teacher is willing to apply those consequences no matter who you are or what you look like.

Now many people don’t know that they are natural teachers, but when they face 30 students eager to put their patience to the test, they will either step forward and take control and the year will fly by without anyone looking at the clock. On the other hand, if they don’t step up and let the students take control, they will learn very quickly that “this is going to be a long year.”

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