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Yoga: a cure for baldness and hair loss

Yoga: a cure for baldness and hair loss

According to an interesting article I just read about the causes of baldness, I was surprised to learn that the risk of hair loss is absolutely high. Modern life brings benefits but also a tremendous risk to our health. Stress, junk food, air pollution and many other factors can cause hair loss and today it appears at a young age more than before.

Hair loss endures embarrassment and emotional pain. Many times hair loss is temporary but in some cases it can be permanent and in any case you should see your doctor immediately once you notice the material falling out.

Other reasons for hair loss include too much vitamin A and antidepressant therapy. Physical reasons for hair loss are an overactive or underactive thyroid, certain fungal infections, and hormonal imbalances. Even underlying problems like lupus or diabetes can lead to excessive hair loss.

Stress is an important factor for baldness, it can also trigger pattern baldness in women and men.

Baldness and thinning hair can be the result of:

  • Toxic substances
  • severe radiation
  • sickness and diseases
  • Inheritance
  • Aging
  • hormonal imbalance
  • Nervous and stress disorders

And there are so many other causes of baldness… you can read all about them at the link below. What I want to focus on is how yoga can help prevent hair loss.

Yoga is a natural cure for baldness for the simple reason that it eliminates stress. Stress makes you sick, it also accelerates aging, and yoga is also an ancient natural anti-aging tradition. Stress also damages your hair. It promotes excessive levels of DHT hormone which is the cause of pattern baldness and influences the growth cycle of your hair. Yoga does the opposite, it improves blood flow to any part of the body, including the scalp, thus providing better nutrition and oxygen to the follicles.

Yoga makes you calm and in control. It prevents the negative physiological process that stress brings and compensates it to zero. When you are healthier overall, you also have healthy hair. Healthy skin and nails. You look and feel so much better.

When you add yoga to your daily routine, your body will demand healthy eating. The same thing happens in any sport. Naturally, you will prefer healthy foods and they will taste better. Healthy nutrition, vitamins and minerals will help hair grow shiny, strong and healthy and prevent hair loss. Yoga will lower your blood pressure and can also cure deaths. Some medical conditions, including the use of medications, cause baldness. When you practice yoga you improve your physical condition and also the condition of your hair. I used to have a student who suffered from hair loss. When she first entered my studio, her hair was so thin that I could see her entire scalp. Today, 6 months later, her hair is full and you can’t see her scalp. She told me that she thinks it’s because of my yoga lessons, since she helped her get off depression medication. “I don’t need them anymore,” she said, “I have found the best remedy against depression: yoga.”

Yoga can make you look much better and is a perfect baldness cure. If you are losing hair, start doing yoga. You will eliminate some of the main causes of baldness and improve your overall health.

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