WoW BFA Leveling: Did Blizzard Make It Harder?

WoW BFA Leveling: Did Blizzard Make It Harder?

Blizzard Entertainment has made some of the most drastic changes to World of Warcraft to bring back support for the world’s most popular MMO.

The changes are huge and many players have complained that Blizzard has made leveling up too difficult with this new expansion. The statistical crisis has proven to change the way players run solo content, as well as the way dungeons and raids are played, but did they really make the level difficult?

The answer to that has more to do with how you prefer to level characters.

Let’s take a look at a few different ways you used to be able to level up:

  1. Level up through Battleground PVP – While you can still level up toons through PVP, it hasn’t been a viable option for quite some time and is probably the slowest method of getting a character to the level cap.
  2. Leveling through dungeons – This has been the source of most of the rejection towards Battle for Azeroth, as many players love bringing their new characters through the dungeons. Changes to the game have made dungeons much slower. Gone are the days of simply rounding up enemies and taking them down. Most players proceed in dungeons with caution, which has slowed down the ability to level up considerably.
  3. Level up through quests – While the statistical crisis has made killing enemies a bit slower, Blizzard has always preferred players to level up through in-game quest lines. This is where you will follow the various story lines or “lore” of the game. Quests are still the absolute fastest way to level up in World of Warcraft and even more so with the new expansion.

Players are starting to find and install quest guide plugins that haven’t really been needed for some expansions and many have disappeared or are simply no longer updated.

While in-game quest tracking lets you know which quests you need to complete, there is very little in the way and an efficient method of choosing and completing the best quest in the most efficient order.

Quest guides were a huge part of World of Warcraft from the very beginning. I can remember the old guides written in PDF format. While these guides were very well written, it was a bit annoying having to constantly stop playing to read what to do next and then go back to the game. It kind of took away from the natural flow of the game.

Shortly after the Burning Crusade expansion, addons started bringing live game guides and leveling speed really took off.

This went on for several expansions until Blizzard started making changes to the game to make leveling up easy for many long time players and I believe was a major source of the game’s loss of millions of subscribers.

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth reverts the game, at least partially, to the glory days of WoW leveling where you had to earn your ranks. It’s certainly not as difficult as it was at first, but they’ve made great strides in putting a little more challenge back into the game.

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