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Why does my ex want to be friends?  4 reasons why an ex chooses the friendship zone with you!

Why does my ex want to be friends? 4 reasons why an ex chooses the friendship zone with you!

You broke up with your ex, but he still wants to be your friend! Does that mean that they still care about you, or that they still want to be with you? Or does it mean something else? Why exactly would your ex choose to keep things open and they can still get back together? It’s definitely confusing for most to be in a friendship zone after a breakup, but everything is about to become clear. Use these 4 reasons to understand why an ex would choose the friendship zone with you …

Your ex is giving you a second chance – If it was your ex who broke up with you and imposed the friendship zone; then he / she is not ready to leave you completely. What they are looking for here is for you to change and become the type of person that they want to date, and that they remain friends with you, so that they can see the progress, be there for you and so that they can get back together with you. , when everything returns to normal.

They don’t get along as lovers, but they work as friends – Your ex appreciates you, there is no doubt about that. That is why they want to remain friends, so that they can still get the best of you, and you too of them; BUT without all the pain. You see, when you are lovers, you just fight and hurt each other; But when they remove the intimacy from the relationship, they get along and don’t get hurt. Your ex doesn’t want to lose you completely, so he decided that being a friend was better than being a lover.

Your ex is using friendship to get over the breakup – Breaking up completely and cutting off all contact is painful for some people, and they will probably never get over the breakup easily that way. Therefore, they choose to keep their exes as friends to help them come out of the breakup, and your ex may keep you close, so they can have you whenever they want, so they don’t feel alone. When your ex feels like he’s finally over and over you, that’s when he’ll stop being your friend as well.

Your ex is using you – Your ex may just keep you close, because they like how you spend money on them, or they like how they can use you for certain things they might not otherwise get Your ex may feel entitled to use you, if he feels that you treated him unfairly during the relationship or breakup; And therefore, they may feel that you “owe” them and keep you as a friend to “pay” them.

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