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What are the best places to visit on a trip to Malaysia?

What are the best places to visit on a trip to Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur in the last 40 years, like most cities in the Southeast, has changed the skyline, which is dotted with many skyscrapers and also many colonial heritage buildings. The city is the pride of the nation that claims to have many larger and taller twin towers. It also welcomes many tourists throughout the year, as it has many citizens living in harmony, which intrigues many people. Travelers keep coming back and visiting Kuala Lumpur more than once. Budget or non-budget hotels suit any traveler. Many old shops in the city are now cozy and comfortable budget hotels in Malaysia. Next to most of the stores. Like Petaling Street in the bargain area, Jalan Bukit Bintang next to the brand stores. Once ventilated lots with fans are now modern, cool, wifi-connected rooms that are comfortable and affordable. Important to book before arrival.

The hot historical area like Dataran Merdeka which is the heart of Kuala Lumpur is a sure visit for anyone. Here the declaration of independence of the country was declared. Currently, many national celebrations such as the flower festival, the annual Independence celebration are held here. The constant daily flow of trainers brings tourists here. Where you could see colonial clubs and venues dwarfed by modern office lots. There is a wide field where down there is a parking lot for the visitor of the courts today. Sometimes it could flood if there is a heavy downpour. Also a church of England place of worship stands alongside a popular watering hole for previous rulers. Now the locals have replaced them and the church has been attended by world-famous dignitaries during state visits. There is also an actor’s studio on the parking lot level.

Kuala Lumpur got its name because just a stone’s throw from the Merdeka field is the convergence of two rivers which are Klang and Gombak. Previously it was used for transportation. Today, cloudy water flows through major parts of the city as the city expanded around it. The famous Masjid Jamek is along the river, which created a peaceful place for complete prayer to find some peace away from the noisy city streets. Also a wet market that is now home to many shops displaying locally created wares. Also, all the banks and finance companies are located along the river bank. Therefore, it is a busy place at any time of the day for business.

Besides the mosque for Muslims, there are also Hindu temples which during Taipusam is a famous visit and close to many hotels. Further afield there are Chinese temples and many churches of Christian denominations. So nothing is too far from another. If one wants to see another famous landmark, the Petronas Twin Towers, just take an underground train from Majsid Jamek, which is built over the river.

There are extensive food outlets along the roads serving excellent local and western food. Coffee shops run by a Chinese clan called the Hainanese who ran colonial houses offer Western menus and local dishes throughout the day.

There is a wide variety of hotel accommodation for any category of traveler. Hotel prices in Kuala Lumpur are among the most competitive standards for hotels in Asia. That is why many tourists stay here longer than they intended. 3, 4.5 stars also available. They are friendly and equipped with all tourist needs. New ones are constantly being added to cater for the ever-increasing number of tourists. There is a monorail service along the main roads where the hotels are located. So from Central Station get on the monorail and in a few minutes you can be at the desired hotel.

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