We make money, we shop until our souls get tired: the endless process

“Buy and buy” in the layman’s perspective, “Buy” in marketing jargon means giving money for something we get. To be brief, it is trading. Barter was a system in those days to exchange goods for goods where neither money nor calculation came into play. For example, a kg of rice was exchanged for a kg of wheat and so on. Those days are gone. Now everything is money. People started thinking big when they started earning more and more. The situation is as if they buy only because they have reached that state and sometimes only because their neighbors own it. I feel that the ownership of something is valued more than the value of money. The books define the market as “A place where buyers and sellers meet and exchange their goods and services.” Today, it has become a stage for making money. People have become so obsessed with buying and exploring products. Well, it depends on how people look at it. Some buy simply because they want to own it, some buy as a hobby, relaxation, and some create a situation for them to buy, etc. it’s endless

Developing a shopping spree depends on a person’s mindset and buying behavior. The quality of the products, customer satisfaction and the attitude of the seller play a very important role in attracting customers to your store. Generally discounts; good shopping environment, customer relationship management, value-added services, etc. These are some of the strategies/activities they carry out to build customer loyalty. Well, the availability of products, the services, the variety of branded products, the assortment of products, the atmosphere of the store, etc. are considered very important.

Each of us makes purchases almost daily. We find some reason to buy something. Pens, pencils, groceries, etc. The list is endless. I’ve seen people write out a shopping list, but when they walk into the store, they get carried away by the fancy displays, the ads, and sometimes even the packaging, and buy the things that aren’t on their list. They finally get home and say, “Oh my gosh, I got this one. I forgot what I wanted. It’s my mistake,” and so on. In marketing parlance, it’s impulse buying.

Well, shopping is always fun. Some plan to go shopping. For others, it just happens. There is a term “shopping window”. Defining it would be great. It is always the cheapest way to get satisfaction. It is the only purchase in which people do it with great pleasure and joy because money does not come out of their pockets. Shopping is even better if the mall is air-conditioned, well-scented with a good fragrance, and the atmosphere of the store is colorful. wow. I’m sure everyone would have experienced this.

Festivals always start with shopping. This is the only culture followed throughout the world. What do we buy during the holidays? Candies, chocolates, gifts, clothes, stationery, fruits, flowers, clothing materials, junk food, etc. The list is surely endless. “Hey, come see what we find there, is this store good for us? Where do we get brand-name clothes?” Are some of the questions that we may notice. Specialty stores earn a lot during this period. When I think of specialty stores, the word brand loyalty comes to mind. It is when a person uses only one particular brand. They do not compromise with other brands. “Somehow I want it” will be your attitude. In that case, men have a lot of brands to cling to, while women don’t.

Basically I love shopping. I buy anything that is good and worth paying for. People often ask me, “Why did you take retail management as an elective job in your marketing?” and this is my answer, “I love shopping, and retail is coming along.” There is always one question that keeps coming to my mind. Why do people buy? The very true answer is because of the external appearance (packaging) and the considerable price. Packaging plays a very important role in selling a product. The best example would be FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products. Shampoos, cookies, chocolates, toothpastes, and many cosmetics fall into this category. I feel like impulse buying is influenced by packaging.

I feel that targeting children would make any company successful. Children are influencers in most families. From cookies to clothes, parents give them a choice. In those days, the attitude towards a child’s purchase was: “I bought this for you.” Now it has completely changed. Now it has become, “let’s see if this suits you, if you don’t like it, you choose”. Cartoons and animated packaging don’t matter. Nice color and good designs matter a lot.

As I mentioned earlier, I love shopping. I feel that people should have the art of observing things that are happening around them when they shop. Well, it is very interesting to see the assortment of products, the way the seller responds, the displays inside and outside the store, the promotional strategies followed to attract customers, the lights on the products, the maintenance, etc. The joy of seeing people enjoying themselves and buying what they want cannot be expressed in a few words. Shopping itself is an endless topic. My idea of ​​looking at shopping will not be the same as that of others. It doesn’t have to be too.

I feel like a seller can create ‘n’ number of footfalls to their store. Promotion, advertising, brand image and location all contribute a lot externally, but inside the store how the customer is treated matters a lot. In a store, a section should not have too many salespeople. If the crowd is too much, it helps. If there are limited customers, then it irritates the customers. Disorders such as repeat requests, delays in displaying products, lack of attention to a customer, usually occur. I’ve seen people decide whether or not to go back to the same store at the checkout counter. If they like it, they say, “This is the store I was looking for, amazing service, great shopping experience, etc.” If they don’t like the service, even though everything is good there, “I’ve never had such a bad experience, they don’t have anything with them other than their vendors, etc.” This reminds me of someone who said: “A satisfied customer can bring ‘n’ number of customers.” This is the “word of mouth strategy”.

I want to share what I enjoyed as a customer while shopping on points. I feel like this is the best way I can express myself. Many can identify the store itself. I list them in general.

• Advertising according to themes. If pink was the color of the day, everything in that store would be decorated in the same color.

• Client relations. They tend to send cards wishing birthdays and the day of the wedding.

• Inform us about the arrival of your new collection, discounts, etc. via phone, SMS or email.

• Attractive displays, mainly in jewelry stores as a way to draw attention

• Lighting and display of products in the category to which they belong.

• Thank customers for their choice or suggest that it suits them.

• Let customers choose their needs.

• Entertainment inside the store such as dressing someone as a cartoon character to amuse children and that their parents can buy without problems.

• In some stores, customers can select a song of their choice by placing a pay jukebox

Many things come to mind when I think about why I like a particular shopping complex or why I like shopping. As mentioned above, it’s a never-ending topic. Well, thanks for reading this ‘long’ blog of mine. I started this topic a long time ago, but now I have only completed it. I know there are few marketing jargon that I have used in this blog. I’m still not satisfied. I feel like I’m leaving it incomplete. I have to stop now or it will continue. I hope to find time to write more in this area. Once again, thanks for reading. I have written what I feel with very little knowledge of marketing. Thanks once again for reading my blog…

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