Walloon and Brussels horeca say no to rapid tests: “We will not sell our soul to the devil”

Walloon and Brussels horeca say no to rapid tests: “We will not sell our soul to the devil”

No to rapid tests and the vaccine passport: the message from the Brussels and Walloon catering industry is clear, while discussions are underway with health experts to supervise the reopening of the sector on May 1.

NOTe will not sell our soul to the devil! The Covid-19 can in no way alter our primary and essential reception mission. Our doors must remain open to everyone, without discrimination, whether it is sanitary or of any other kind, ”write the federations and collectives of the hospitality industry in Wallonia and Brussels.

“We are impoverished and starved by the situation, but we will never take the place of control authorities. We do not have the desire, the skills and the means. We will under no circumstances offer any collaboration in this kind of process which clashes with us on a practical and above all ethical level ”, let the organizations know at the end of a meeting held on Wednesday, while the reopening of the sector is for the time scheduled for May 1.

“Flanders takes better care of the sector”

The draft protocol is currently in the hands of the Covid-19 Crisis Strategy Expert Group (Gems) and meetings are still scheduled with the authorities in the coming weeks, confirms the administrator of the Fédération Horeca Bruxelles, Fabian Hermans.

The representatives of the sector also argue that the Walloon and Brussels Regions must “restore social justice in the face of a Flemish Region which takes better care of its citizens in the sector. The chasm is abysmal in terms of collective solidarity. We are outraged: our governments sit down shamelessly on our demands and ignore our now precarious situation ”. And to warn: “we will not be able to channel demonstrations and individual or small group actions if we should not be heard.”

Were present at this meeting: the Walloon Horeca Collectives, the Brussels Resto Bar Collectif, the Wallonia Horeca Federation, the provincial horeca federations, the Brussels Horeca Federation, the Fedcaf as well as representatives of local and regional horeca associations, , caterers, hotels and B2B.

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