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Types of charcoal for drawing

Types of charcoal for drawing

When it comes to drawing and sketching, there are many tools you can use to bring your imagination onto a sheet of paper. One of the mediums most used by artists is charcoal drawing. Drawing charcoal is easily accessible, it can create from the lightest grays to the darkest blacks and is very easy to work with. Its popularity seems to be growing steadily over the years as more and more artists realize its unique quality in enhancing the visual presentation of many of their sketches and drawings. Compared to pencil, drawing charcoal is definitely more visually stimulating. More people will tend to take you more seriously as an artist, since some of the most renowned artists in the world use charcoal.

Before using charcoal for drawing in your art pursuits, you should be aware that there are a few different types of charcoal to choose from. The first is the charcoal pencil drawing. Charcoal drawing pencil is simply tightly compressed pieces of charcoal wrapped in a plastic or wood-like material. Charcoal can be flaky and dusty, so if you decide to use a charcoal pencil without its plastic or wooden wrapping, you may end up with dirty hands.

The charcoal pencil is also very easy to sharpen, which is very important for the finer details in your drawings. Another type of drawing charcoal is willow and vine charcoal. Willow and vine charcoal is generally unwrapped and can produce shades from pale gray to deep black. This utensil is ideal for everyday sketching. One of the most notable characteristics of willow and vine charcoal is that it tends to stain. Hard charcoal is a strong and resistant drawing tool used primarily for extremely fine lines. You may want to use hard carbon on strong, thick paper. Coal is generally very affordable. So try them all until you find the one that best suits your needs.

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