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Top 7 Mistakes Newbies Make When Building Their Empires Online

Top 7 Mistakes Newbies Make When Building Their Empires Online

The Internet began in the 1980s and became popular in the 1990s when companies like Yahoo!, Amazon, eBay, and Google started their empires. By the mid-2000s, when YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter opened their doors for the masses to come in, the world had become a huge crushed global village. Today we are the citizens of the world. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, first written in 1949, is here, but unlike the terrible prediction of 1984, the Internet has democratized communication and commerce and nothing can stop its advance.

While it took many global brands hundreds of years to acquire MNC (Multinational Corporation) status, the Internet is producing billionaires and companies that span the globe at a rate and speed never seen or heard before in history. Whereas before the internet boom, there was only one documented employee who later became a billionaire, in the person of the late Roberto Goizueta, former president and CEO of one of the global brands, such as Steve Ballmer, Tim Cook and Meg Whitman, To name three, she became a billionaire while a director and employee at Microsoft, Apple, and eBay, respectively.

It goes without saying that the founders of global e-commerce giants like Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, to mention that the highest echelons are billionaires many times over. By 2018, Jeff Bezos had become not only the richest man in the world, but also the richest man in all of modern history, with his net worth topping $ 104 billion, just 23 years after founding Amazon.

According to publicly available information, the top 5% to 10% of employees in most global internet giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Ali Baba are several millionaires. The internet, of course, has also helped other global giants like Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, Microsoft, HP, and GE, to explode even more and make a greater percentage of their employees millionaires than ever before.

While you needed millions of capital and thousands of employees before the internet to scale your business operations and reach the big leagues, today you can become a millionaire with just your laptop and internet connectivity. In fact, today, the scope and speed with which you can grow to become a millionaire is limited only by your imagination.

To show how imagination triumphs online, let’s take CD Baby founder Derek Sivers as an extreme example. Introverted, in search of a cure, he joined a circus and became a clown; honed his guitar playing skills; began to produce songs; and became a musician and artist. In short, he produced a music CD, which his neighborhood stores would not stock. To solve his problem, he created a website, CD Baby, in 1998 and started selling his music there and also invited other musicians to join. Just ten years later, he sold CD Baby for $ 22 million in 2008.

It is expected that Americans, people from Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Israel will dominate the Internet, but anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. As someone who has studied the internet phenomenon for a while, these are the top seven mistakes internet newbies make in my own opinion. Read and learn how to zigzag to success on the Internet.

1. Only hang out with Internet ‘gurus’: beware of gurus. They are in a class of their own. While most of them have made a fortune online, most of the more familiar names made their own before the advent of the internet. Why follow the gurus when you are not in the same league as them? It’s like learning to run a 100 meter sprint and heading to the Olympics to compete with the likes of Usain Bolt, Florence Griffith-Joyner, and Magic “Bullet” Johnson, and the like. You will only end up frustrated. The solution, find someone three to five steps ahead of you and learn from them.

2. Try to do many things at the same time: Doing this is going to be the fastest path to failure because you are going to be an expert in all trades and a master in none. Do you want to set up an e-commerce, marketplace, membership website, or do you want to learn HTML, how to code, develop software, or do you want to learn about search engine optimization, developing electronic products or applications? Decide and focus with determination until you prevail in one area before jumping into another.

3. Not trying hard enough: It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that making millions is a walk in the park and that anyone can do it. Thanks to motivational speakers, you are made to believe that anything you can visualize and believe, you can achieve. Be careful, if it were that easy, we would all be millionaires. It is true that it is easier to be successful online than offline due to the ease with which you can scale, however, you still need to burn off the proverbial midnight oil, put in hours, work and sweat, invest enough capital and learn before you go. begin. seeing the needle moving in your favor.

4. Lack of skills or relying on superficial skills: When people read books and watch YouTube videos with headlines like, How I made my first $ 1 million online, How I sold 1 million e-books online and set everything up and have fun and see the Millions arrive, they assimilate what they hear hook, nail and plumb line. “Again, if it were that easy, everyone would be millionaires. As Tony Robbins constantly says:” What matters is not what you know, but what you do constantly Although thousands are doing it online, the technology for spectacular success is quite formidable and beyond the reach of most people. So, get ready to learn new skills like making videos, copywriting, writing. scripts, podcasts, webcasting, webinars, etc. Although you can outsource things that are beyond you, you still need to know who you can outsource to and even what to outsource.

5. Not developing online assets early enough: Online assets like websites, blogs, YouTube channels, vlogs, electronics, to name a few, allow you to scale quickly and monetize early. The mistake most newbies make is waiting until they are perfect. You don’t need to be perfect to get your first website up and running. Sometimes newbies think the website is about beauty. It is not. It’s about functionality. Although aesthetics have their place, the main thing is functionality. Can people easily interact with you and your website or blog? Without online assets, it’s difficult for people to get to know you, get to know you, and engage in dialogue with you. So tomorrow get someone to design a website for you. If you don’t have anything to put there, just put your photo in and say hi, my name is Internet Newbie. You can say I’m on Facebook; I just know that they serve different purposes.

6. Not getting a coach early enough: Derek Bok, the former Harvard president, is credited with the following quote: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” The biggest mistake you will make when trying to make yourself a piece of the internet pie is to go it alone. You can, but be careful, you can spend years trying to figure out what to do while what you already knew or was in is already out of date. Sure, you can literally learn anything through Google and YouTube, smart newbies get coaches and mentors to show them the way on the web. Some rookies think they can’t afford a coach or coaches because they mistakenly believe that coaches are for elite tennis players like Serena Williams, elite boxers like Floyd Mayweather, and elite golfers like Tiger Woods. Nothing can be further from the truth. Anyone can afford a coach. It all depends on where you look. Go out and find a coach and you would have gotten over all the other mistakes in one go.

7. Lack of mental tenacity: This is the tenacity error that must be overcome. Newbies who lack mental toughness are easily discouraged and give up too soon. If you haven’t read the Acres of Diamond book, borrow a copy from your local library and devour it. Mental toughness means believing in your vision, mission, and goal. It is noteworthy to say that Amazon lost money for 58 quarters (about 14 years) before becoming wildly profitable. If you are missing all the other ingredients, but you develop mental toughness, you will prevail.

I have arranged these errors in order, with the easy to remove or discard at the top and the most difficult at the bottom. The mindset cuts through all other mistakes. Watch your way of thinking and your way of thinking will take care of the other mistakes. Don’t just believe your vision, start doing, start implementing, start executing, start getting your hands dirty! You don’t need more knowledge. What you need is a full belief in yourself, a belief in what you already know, and an effective coach who will show you the shifts, curves, and twists of the internet, and in no time, you would have made yourself a piece of the internet pie. you would have loved. one is.

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