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The End of the Mayans and Noah’s Flood – The Anatomy of a Flood and the Mythological End of Time

The End of the Mayans and Noah’s Flood – The Anatomy of a Flood and the Mythological End of Time

The recorded history of ancient Chinese civilization recounts a global flood that destroyed all cities and towns at sea level. All continents have indigenous mythologies that describe a kind of flood that covered the Earth’s lowlands around 2300 BC. C. Geological evidence shows that the Earth’s surface was completely submerged below sea level after the destruction of Raysheeth. Those waters receded and formed the Grand Canyon, the Amazon, the Mississippi, etc. The deluge did not cover the entire surface of the Earth, but it scarred the Sphinx, filled Loch Ness, and wiped out many ancient civilizations, including the Mayans and Egyptians. The Angelic and Hybrid Civilizations were mainly located in the coastal regions, near the mouths of the rivers. These were seafaring nations at war with each other with many ports along the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Evidence of these cultures is scattered throughout the world. Giant Olmec heads are scattered throughout the Central American isthmus. These colossal stone heads range from 4 to 12 feet in circumference, with the largest weighing an estimated 25 tons.

Seventeen have been found to date and are mostly located at sea level. The deities ruled the original Olmec culture and their giant offspring played a form of basketball played on stone courts made by giants. They appear in stone wearing the worn hooves to play the fast-paced, violent game. These huge solid basalt rocks were excavated from quarries on the summits of the Tuxtlas Mountains, where magma was exposed when the plates collided with each other at the end of Raysheeth. Archaeologists theorize that it may have taken up to 1,500 men over several months to transport the heads overland and on rafts, Genesis suggesting that an Angel or several Giants could have done it in one day.

This civilization, as well as the original Mayans, were wiped out in the Genesis flood. The less intelligent highlanders migrated to the cities after the flood. Quetzalcoatl, a hero of the flood, who brought them mythologies and technologies beyond their understanding and founded the first new Mayan civilization after the flood. He founded the first, his first civilization and religion, and subsequent civilizations evolved using the astronomical agrarian cycles and folk tales passed down to them by the priests, shamans, and delegated historians of each tribe.

Knowledge was power and these Men originally controlled the advancement of society. They had to help the bewildered people to understand what had just happened to Earth and in turn became powerful dictators of truth influenced by the Power of Darkness to rewrite history and claim the status of “Original Civilization”. “. It is easy to see how they could claim that their ancestors built these pyramids and that they have divine rule in the sense that they were descendants of gods. This meant the total power of the masses.

The antediluvian sea level was substantially lower before Noah’s Flood. Ancient civilizations believed that mountains held up the sky because they were out of reach. These isolated cultures were kept separated by these mountain ranges so that their original identities and mythologies were preserved. The release of the floodgates combined with the rise of the underground reservoirs would destroy all the great civilizations that inhabited the Earth at the time. They would be swept into the depths of the abyss by a tsunami effect of the billions of gallons of receding fresh and salt water. The Mayan civilization was wiped out; the ancient Greeks were swept away. Hydraulic scars on the sphinx are evidence that the ancient Egyptians were swept away as well. Every great antediluvian civilization was destroyed by waves of water falling and rising, then flowing back into the abyss. All that remained were the Neolithic ruins that we are in awe of to this day. The destruction of a technologically advanced civilization and the sinking of a continent are incredible in themselves. Our hypothesis is that they occurred simultaneously.

This explanation makes more sense than the current Maya Extinction Hypothesis: They disappeared. It makes complete sense in the matrix of mythologies that these advanced cultures were instantly and simultaneously wiped out, leaving only their supernaturally inspired architecture and astronomically significant alignments for all of humanity to ponder. We see these artifacts today and wonder how all these things were achieved so long ago.

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