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The benefits of liquid waterproofing

The benefits of liquid waterproofing

Liquid Waterproofer is a bituminous paint solution that is ideal for waterproofing and weather protection of steel and concrete structures. It also provides a corrosion resistant coating that helps increase the life of the materials it protects. Liquid Waterproofer is also resistant to low levels of acids and alkalis and can withstand prolonged oxidation. The typical application would be to stop water ingress into underground concrete structures, when it comes to backfilling with rubble.

Bituminous paint can be applied to the following materials:

* Iron


* Lead

* Zinc

* Aluminum

* Asbestos Cement

* Concrete

* Stone and Brick

This makes the waterproofing the ideal solution for many applications where a waterproof coating can stop water penetration or provide a corrosion resistant finish.

Easy to use bituminous paint solution

Liquid waterproofing can be easily applied with a roller, brush, or spray. A minimum of 2 coats on a dry surface is required to ensure adequate coverage and best protective results. You will find that on metal and smooth surfaces a coverage of 10/m2 per liter can be achieved.

Health and security

Naturally, when using bituminous paint products, care must be taken to avoid contact with skin and eyes. We recommend that you consult the health and safety data sheet before use. Personal protective equipment (PPE) can be purchased at a variety of DIY stores.

Purchase of liquid waterproofing

Waterproofing can be purchased at a variety of retail stores and can also be purchased online. For more information on how to waterproof your concrete and waterproofing solutions, visit our site.

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