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The benefits of car scrapping

The benefits of car scrapping

There are many reasons why you may decide to scrap your car. When I had to scrap my car, it was because the cost to repair it far exceeded the value of my car. The car was valued at around £500 but the timing belt snapped, causing extensive engine damage which would have cost around £1000 to repair. Needless to say, he was upset, but what followed was even more infuriating. I called the local shop (same make as my car) and asked them to pick up the vehicle; I was charged £50 for towing and scrapping the vehicle.

However, I recently found out that if I had contacted a junkyard, they would have paid me for the vehicle and removed it free of charge. I would have made money instead of losing it! If I had realized that at the time, it would have saved me some of the frustration of losing my only mode of transportation. For this reason, I have put together this article as an informative guide to car scrapping.

Why a car might need scrapping
• If the car repair costs more than it is worth.
• Whether the car is a punishment, safe or otherwise.
• If the car is no longer working and is simply taking up space in your garage, yard or driveway.
• If you no longer need the vehicle, but cannot sell it.

How to choose the junkyard
• Depending on the reason for the scrapping, you may need the services of a specialized scrapper. These shipyards must have the correct licences, particularly those licenses that relate to environmental issues; in case of doubt, ask the scrapyard and verify their claims through the corresponding authorities.
• The junkyard must offer you a monetary sum for the car; they will be able to make a profit, so it is only fair that you receive a fair amount for the vehicle.
• Make sure the junkyard picks up the car for free; many do, so if you’ve come across a company that doesn’t, then you should find one that does; this should be easy as it is a highly competitive market.

final reminders
• Check the car thoroughly before handing it over to a scrap yard. If you leave personal belongings inside and they crush the car, they will also crush your belongings (unintentionally, I might add!).
• Make sure there is no extra weight in the car, for example if you have left something heavy in the boot. Junkyards tend to offer a price based on the weight of the vehicle, as this generally corresponds to the amount of metal they will be able to salvage, which is part of what they are looking for. They may lower the amount they pay you if the car is lighter than they initially thought it was.

Benefits of scrapping
• Money: salvage yards will pay you for your vehicle, regardless of its condition.
• Environment: scrapping a car helps the environment as it is simply a method of recycling metal. Choose a scrapyard with the necessary licenses and you will ensure that no harmful by-products arise from the scrapping process.

If I had been aware of these facts when I had to scrap my carI would have been much happier, as is I received no money and I have no idea how the car was disposed of which means there could be environmental implications.

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