The benefits of adding a wind deflector on the sunroof

The benefits of adding a wind deflector on the sunroof

Sunroof deflectors look and function as front deflectors or insect shields by redirecting the wind up and back. In the case of the sunroof deflector, it pushes the air up and over the opening of the sunroof. This helps reduce wind noise and turbulence inside your car, truck, van, or SUV. And it still has the advantage of letting hot air out through the ceiling opening!

There are sunroof deflectors made to fit most vehicles on the market today, and made to fit your specific vehicle. This makes installation much easier, eliminating the need for special cutting and drilling. Baffles will accommodate both pop-up and slide-open styles. They are made from cast acrylic in most cases, but can be chrome metal. They come with gasket seals to protect your roof finish, while securely securing the baffle, helping to prevent leaks.

You can find sunroof wind deflectors in a variety of styles, including a dark tinted smoky color, chrome, and even camo. There are several different patterns of camouflage deflectors, one is sure to suit any nature lover’s taste! You’ll find them made by top-tier manufacturers in the deflector business like Weather Tech, GT Styling, and Stampede.

These large roof deflectors are generally an inch or two wider than your moonroof, ensuring it does its job cutting through the wind. They also provide a great and stylish look to your vehicle. Because these are made to fit specific vehicles, which is great for you, they are not designed to fit aftermarket sunroof installations. So if your car came with a sunroof, it’s in good shape. If you added it later, you will have to do a little digging to find a baffle that will fit it. There are many aftermarket vendors that carry universal moonroof deflectors.

So if you are one of those who enjoy having the sunroof open and gazing at the big blue sky, look for an elegant sunroof deflector and make it a great experience in every way. You don’t need to put up with a lot of noise, especially when your sweetie is trying to tell you something important!

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