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The advantages and disadvantages of container gardens

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a backyard or a large garden. But it’s encouraging to know that with the help of container gardens, gardening enthusiasts have the option to grow vegetables to their heart’s content. The box garden is a gift for all those who have a passion for gardens but do not have the necessary space.

The indoor vegetable garden is not just a secondary option to the garden, it is a positive option for a variety of reasons. First of all, these containers or urns are easily found in the kitchen, making the whole environment more pleasant and safe for the little ones in the family. In addition to being productive, these box gardens serve two other purposes: they add to the d├ęcor of the home and they also make it look stylish. The small garden pots can be placed around the porch, adding a green look to the boring urban image.

Understandably, there are some restrictions on expectations for a container garden: the first is the size of the plant that will grow in it. The best options are radishes, carrots, lettuce and the like. Small crop plants can also be grown in an indoor garden. For example tomato and pepper do not require much space. One plus point is that a container of about 24″ to 30″ can grow plants like tomato, parsley, and cucumber at the same time without the need for additional sunlight or moisture. The urn thus becomes a real living and fresh salad bowl.

No additional arrangement is required for these urn gardens. The containers can be anything: a pitcher, a bucket, a basket, a wooden box or the typical pot. Discarded bushels, wash tubs, large food cans, window plants, and nurseries can also suffice to build the indoor garden.

Following the same principles of an indoor garden, aquatic plants can also be grown. However, the main purpose of the interior green patch is decorative. Depending on the size of the pot, a sweet or yellow flag lily can be planted in combination with a giant calla lily arrowhead. Unlike orchards, there are no set specifications for water gardens. Both water gardens and container gardens are fairly easy to grow and definitely worth a try for those with a passion for gardening.

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